MR. SATURN IN QUEST OF HAT Enemies, #1-18!

These are all the enemies I could find in the MR. SATURN IN QUEST OF HAT hack of EARTHBOUND. Some of them were found using Walk-Through-Walls to Happy Happy Village. I used this Youtube playlist by SkullKid3 as a walkthrough.

Answers to the Indian’s quiz: McMurphy, 1164, Open It, Bat, Baskerville, Carla.

Pour the Tomato Juice on Heavily Sauced Pokey, then use the Red Sword to defeat him easily. Alternatively, you can hope that Apple Kid’s mouse diamondizes him with a hard bite.

Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

Mini Barf [cave boss; unbeatable]

Stray Dog

Skate Punk (Pizza)

Runaway Dog (Bread Roll)

Coil Snake (Cookie)


Cop (Hamburger) [Onett boss]

Rambling Evil Mushroom (Ketchup Packet)

Black Antoid (Cookie)

Spiteful Crow (Cookie)

Frank [Onett arcade boss]

Frankystein Mark II [Onett arcade boss]

Mole Playing Rough (Croissant)

Unassuming Local Guy (Toothbrush) [unbeatable unless the mouse diamondizes it with a bite]

Insane Cultist [unbeatable]

Chimneysweeper Boss [penultimate boss]

Heavily Armed Pokey [ultimate boss; first form]

Heavily Sauced Pokey [ultimate boss; second form]


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