2016 Year In Review

[Meme fun: Take the first line from the first post of every month of the year. Repost it here as your year in review. (I’m discounting greetings and things like that :P) Yeah, it’s been an interesting year!]

2016 Year In Review

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of the year. Post the first line of it in your journal as a paragraph, and that’s your “Year In Review.”

Chinese Eric called me at 2:20 to see if I was amenable to hanging out today or tomorrow, then he asked if he could come over to watch the hockey game against the Ducks tonight. I went out at 3 and got an on-sale Walker’s Shortbread box, an on-sale Ralph Lauren dark blue bath towel and an on-sale clearance Lacoste dark blue handtowel (with a crocodile!) from the Bay, then returned the MARTEX towels to London Drugs. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart at 3:45, and bought on-sale Habitant Soup (Minestrone / Split Pea with Smoked Ham / Vegetable), NEW on-sale Lindt Creations for myself (Lava Cake / Crème Brulée / Mint Chip), on-sale Chunky Soup (Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie / Chicken and Sausage Gumbo), on-sale Cadbury eggs for Chrystal’s Easter, on-sale President’s Choice chocolate bars (dark chocolate / milk chocolate with caramel pieces) for Chrystal’s birthday. I went to London Drugs at 2:20 to get mini-packs of Kleenex and an on-sale bulk pack of pads. I discovered that Pyrex measuring cups were on sale at London Drugs, so I went there at 12:05 to replace the one with the sticker on it which I got on January 12, 2015. I had a toilet emergency just now; Hester wasn’t any help, so I called Barry instead to help me through this after I used the plunger to little success.

Redrum started this Friday morning, so at least my body is being patriotic? I went out at 1:05 on a 407 to London Drugs for three NEW upgraded black Sterilite 18.9L wastebaskets which just managed to fit into the biggest plastic bags at the store, 2000 Flushes, on-sale bubble solution (only 50 cents!), store brand zinc / Vitamin C / echinacea lozenges (with an expiry date of 2020 as opposed to 2018 for straight echinacea – and cheaper at $6 as opposed to $15!), Ivory classic scent dish detergent, an on-sale Sterilite 5-pack of shoe boxes with blue lids (repurposed as pencil cases), and a NEW Ragusa Noir dark chocolate truffle and hazelnut chocolate bar. Last night, I drafted a bunch of entries for some EARTHBOUND hacks that I’d come across and want to try playing. (MOTHER 2.5 THE GIFTMEN CHRONICLES / MR. SATURN IN QUEST FOR HAT / JONBOUND: DARK FUTURE / HALLOW’S END / ARN’S WINTER QUEST) I left the house at 4 to check out the Kingsgate Mall dollar store, so I could buy a brother birthday card (for Jon) and general birthday cards WITHOUT PINK OR PURPLE ON THEM, in case they end up being given to guys. I went out at 1:40 to London Drugs for CHOCOLATE GALORE in Advent calendar and box / bag form! It was definitely time for coffee this morning since I unwisely stayed up till 3:40 AM completing all the new Blogthings which I discovered!

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