The Apron Test / Thanksgiving / Takeout Food

You Are a Traditional Cook

You are a big fan of keeping culinary traditions alive – whether they are cultural, familial, or totally original.
You are more likely than other cooks to make things from scratch. You believe anything worth cooking is worth cooking right.

While you love a good traditional meal, you are never afraid of increasing your skill set. You are quite the home chef.
Your signature dish: A cherry pie, complete with a homemade crust and fresh ice cream.

You Should Go to a Restaurant

You are very thankful on this holiday… especially if you get good food and don’t have to cook or clean!
You think Thanksgiving should be about fun times with family and friends. And you prefer to make it as low-stress as possible.

The beauty of Thanksgiving at a restaurant is that you get delicious food. Plus, it’s a neutral place where no one is tempted to get in any family feuds.
You are a naturally active and outgoing person. You like being out in a crowd with festive folks – that’s more comfortable to you than staying home!

You Are a Burger

You know what you want in life, and you will assert yourself to get it. You are a natural leader.
You are very honest and even blunt. People tend to know where they stand with you – you don’t leave anyone guessing.

You don’t shy away from the truth, but it doesn’t cost you any popularity points. Most folks appreciate your strong personality.
You make the most of every moment, and you really savor the good things in life. You don’t hold back when it comes to your own happiness.


4 Responses to “The Apron Test / Thanksgiving / Takeout Food”

  1. hehe…I am a Burger

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