Superhero uniforms, DAZED AND CONFUSED character, meditation, color code

Your Uniform is Purple and Yellow

You are an optimistic person who is all about possibilities. You would love the opportunities that being a superhero would bring.
You are ready to tackle whatever challenge comes your way. You are a natural problem solver – in fact, some may say that it’s your superpower!

You have a strong independent streak (is anyone surprised you’d be a superhero?), and because of this, you choose your friends carefully.
You are a free spirit, but can also be a bit of a perfectionist at times. You balance innovation with methodical thinking.

You Are Pink

You are a popular and well-liked person, and there’s no wonder! You are an authentic type who stays true to yourself.
You are fiercely independent, and you will fight for your principles. You are finally able to relax when you’re able to do your own thing.

You have your priorities straight, and you are loyal to your friends. You won’t change just to please someone else.
You have had a good amount of perspective on your life, even from a young age. And you know your best years are still ahead of you.

You Should Practice a Mindful Meditation

You are a very observant person, especially when it comes to what’s going on in your own head. You are constantly aware of your own thoughts and actions.
You are a realist to your core, and you don’t run away from your problems. You are good at staying in the present and facing things head on.

You may take on too much at times, but that’s when you remember to breathe and focus. Everything eventually passes.
You are good at letting go of judgment – both with yourself and with others. Whatever will be will be.

Your Color Code is White

You are a peaceful and compassionate person. You try to avoid confrontation in your life; you would rather cooperate.
You are considerate and accepting. You don’t put your own desires first most of the time, and you often don’t even make them known.

You believe in making things easier for everyone in this world, including yourself. You are big on seeking and providing comfort.
You don’t have any ego, and you collaborate well with others. The possibilities are endless for you, because you live without preconceptions.


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