BOZOBOUND Enemies, #1-168!


THIS GAME IS BROKEN! There is no Sky Runner, and you can’t get to the Cave of the Past the normal way. You need to go to the edge of Chao Valley and use Walk-Through-Walls to get to the Cave of the Past! Then you can’t defeat Final Nega Ness for some reason!

These are all the enemies I could find in the BOZOBOUND hack of EARTHBOUND. I just have to extract the files by right-clicking on the 7Z files in the Windows viewer.

Make sure my inventory is not full when it comes to taking essential items like the Robot Jetpack at the Winters Drugstore.


If I can’t get past the Clumsy Robot in the Monotoli Building: I found a walk-through-walls cheat, and managed to make it to the hall outside Mr. Mullet’s room. Then I went down the stairs to the golden room, and talked to Paula and Mr. Mullet like you’re supposed to do. Bingo, Paige is now back in my party! Pokey left on his helicopter. I can’t leave the room, so I used the walk-through-walls cheat again to have Pokey kick me out of his room. Then I left the building, so I assume the game will continue on as normal now. I can get back to Threed and other places on my own. If I hear music, USE THE MAGICAL TAPE RECORDER.

The STARMEN page helped! Also, this GameFAQs document (Sulfur!) was a great asset. Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

A page full of codes!

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Game Genie: F0EB-5FB0 (keep Buzz-Buzz)

Note to self: It costs $10 every time you save via phone – damn you, BellNorth! Make sure to always have $10 cash on hand if you can!

Zub Dog (Bread Roll)

Marshmallow Puff 1 (Cookie)

Snake (Cookie)

DJ Starman [Chipley boss]

Anti-Bozo-er 1 (Hamburger)

Anti-Bozo-er 2 (Pizza)

Anti-Bozo-er 3 (Bag of Fries)

Anti-Bozo Frank [Chipley arcade boss]

Nega Ness 1 [Chipley arcade boss]

Mickey Mouse (Bread Roll)

Crocigator (Bomb)

Cyan Antoid (Cookie)

Minion’s Minion [Giant Step boss]

Minion’s Minion’s Minion [Giant Step boss]

Copper (Hamburger) [Chipley police station boss]

Upset Chief (Boiled Egg) [Chipley police station boss]

Super Mushroom (Ketchup Packet)

Ultimate Evil (Toothbrush)

Allidile (Skip Sandwich)

REALLY Evil Eye (Croissant)

Andrew Griggs [Wausau boss]

Giant Broccoli (Ruler)

Dawn (Handbag Strap)

Larry’s Evil Twin (Protein Drink)

Clearasil (PSI Caramel)

Nega Robo (Photon Grenade)

Happy Happy Hippie (PSI Caramel)

Nega Ness 2 [Happy Happy Village boss]

reaByddeT (Teddy Bear)

Blinkertoy (Jar of Hot Sauce)

Hamtaro (Croissant)

Mega Bat [Lilliput Steps boss]

Angry Rioter 1 (Tin of Cocoa)

Angry Rioter 2 (Bomb)

Angry Rioter 3 (Refreshing Herb)

Angry Rioter 4 (Boiled Egg)

Angry Rioter 5 (Croissant)

Angry Rioter 6 (Secret Herb)

Smelly Ghost (Broken Iron)

Runaway Dog (Bread Roll)

Marshmallow Puff 2 (Cookie)

CB-200 (Salt Packet)

Kirby Wannabe (Cookie)

Licorice Pizza (Fresh Egg)

Struttin’ Evil Mushroom (Cookie)

Renegade Starman 1 (Picnic Lunch)

Rioter Leader [Cirque de Town boss]

Nega Ness 3 [Cirque de Town graveyard boss]

Bad Wrench (Broken Spray Can)

Giant Red Antoid (Sugar Packet)

NO TAXI!!!!!! (Skip Sandwich)

Plain Crocodile (Photon Grenade)

Amaze (Secret Herb)

Da Vinci Screwup (Bomb)

Pikachu (PSI Caramel)

Hyper CB-200 (Pizza)

General Starman [Belch’s Factory boss]

Jolly Green Midget (Picnic Lunch)

The Ghost of Amaze (Sprig of Parsley)

Poison Mushroom (Rust Promoter)

Phoenix [Milky Well boss]

Gonzo Snake (Picnic Lunch)

Cloud (Photon Grenade)

Girly Disc (Cookie, Bag of Fries, Hamburger, Boiled Egg, Fresh Egg, Picnic Lunch, Pizza)

Vulture (Sudden Guts Pill)

Rare Weak Enemy

Purple Pink Scorpion (Vial of Serum)

Jesse (Wet Towel)

Goomba (Protein Drink)

Kookie Monster (Handbag Strap)

Random Enemy (Xterminator Spray)

Chapped Lips (Big Bottle Rocket)

Pumpkin Man (Chick)

Nameless Starman (Double Burger)

Kinda Big Spider (Carton of Cream)

RMS 3 Unit [Gold Mine boss]

Paradoxical Enigma (Pizza)

Smoochy (Cup of Coffee)

Electro Brrr… (Sudden Guts Pill)

Nega Ness 4 [New Pork Department Store boss]

Cream Puff (Super Bomb)

Yo Mama (PSI Caramel)

Cameo Appearance (Refreshing Herb)

Puppy Potty (Sudden Guts Pill)

Nega Ness 5 [Moonside boss]

CB-204 (Big Bottle Rocket)

E.G. Starman / Electric Guitar Starman [Monotoli Building boss]

Bozon (Chick)

Twister Accident (Double Burger)

Scribble (Mummy Wrap)

Anti-Larry [Summers boss]

Philurup (PSI Caramel)

Nega Robo 2 (Expensive Item)

Prototype Starman (Multi-Bottle Rocket)

Elder Batty (Double Burger)

Itsy Bitsy Spider (Super Bomb)

Arachnid! (Jar of Hot Sauce)

Mother of all Mushrooms [Rainy Circle Caves sanctuary boss]

Mega Fobby (Super Plush Bear)

Renegade Starman 2 (Double Burger)

Route 666 Sign (Secret Herb)

Angry Rioter 7 (Large Pizza)

Alarming Clock (Rust Promoter DX)

New Pork Reject [New Pork Sewers sanctuary boss]

Runaway Dog’s Mama (Bottle of Water)

First Bread Ever (Jar of Delisauce)

Holy Moley (Snake)

CB300 (Bottle of Water)

Evil Wal-Mart Smiley [Fourth Dimension sanctuary boss]

Gooey Goo

Super Ultra Rare Enemy Omega

Sphinx Man (Skip Sandwich DX)

Samus Aran (Ketchup Packet)

Mega Mushroom (Beef Jerky)

Gonzo Snake Level 2 (Can of Fruit Juice, Royal Iced Tea, Protein Drink, Kraken Soup, Bottle of Water, Cold Remedy, Vial of Serum)

Billy Goat Buff (Mummy Wrap)

Poison Worm (Beef Jerky)

Little Foot (Pharaoh’s Curse)

Da Bomb (Pharaoh’s Curse)

Death (Sudden Guts Pill)

D.M. Starman / Drummer Starman [Scaraba Pyramid boss]

Big Boy (Multi Bottle Rocket)

Big Old Flower (Spicy Jerky)

Snow Antoid (Viper)

Brown Recluse (Salt Packet)

Sting Man

Ring Worm (PSI Caramel)

Hard Crocodile (Super Plush Bear)

Squash Boy’s Descendant (Horn of Life)

Squash Boy (Beef Jerky)

Nega Ness 6 (Super Club of Doom) [Florida Everglades boss]

Starman Intern (PSI Caramel)

Nega Starman (Brain Food Lunch)

Octodroid (Super Bomb)

Military Octobot

Nega Starman Super

DJ Starman Remixed [Stonehenge Base boss]

Starman Startup Disc (PSI Caramel)

Ice Pup (Broken Antenna)

Wyvern (Brain Food Lunch)

Hyper Nega Robo (Expensive Item)

Minion [Lumine Hall sanctuary boss]

Magasaurus (Magic Fry Pan)

Tyrant Lizard (Luxury Jerky)

First Life Ever (Skip Sandwich DX)

Fire Magician (PSI Caramel)

CB-2000 (Luxury Jerky)

Laba (Expensive Item)

Ice Magician (Star Pendant)

Mega Laba Magician [Fire Springs sanctuary boss; first form]

Nega Ness 7 [Fire Springs sanctuary boss; second form]

Help Command (PSI Caramel)

Bozo’s Halloween Costume (Sudden Guts Pill)

Coach Gates (Horn of Life)

Gooey Kablooey (Super Bomb)

Sluggy (Magic Tart)

Nega Ness 8 [Magicant boss]

Deadly Eyes (Expensive Item)

Nega Starman Commando (Goddess Ribbon)

Hyper Octodroid (Expensive Item)

Hero 2 Chao (Horn of Life)

Yoda Chao (Multi-Bottle Rocket)

Ultimate Octodroid (PSI Caramel)

Final Prototype (Super Bomb)

Final Nega Starman (PSI Caramel)

Peaches Chao (3-Wood)

Final Nega Ness 1 [ultimate boss]

Final Nega Ness 2 [ultimate boss]


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