Being rural, pumpkin spice lattes, BACK TO THE FUTURE, mochas, bold colors, cars

You are Cosmopolitan

You are a total creative type and seeker of inspiration. New experiences help you grow and thrive.
You have nothing against a simpler life, and in fact, you may seek one out at some point. But for now, you like to be in the middle of it all.

You have a deep sense of adventure, and you make friends easily. You love to try new things and meet new people.
The main thing you are looking for in life is plenty of opportunities and possibilities. You like to put your dreams into action.

You Are the Milk

You are as smooth as they come, and you remain unruffled despite whatever may be going on. You have a good temperament.
Others find you soothing and comforting, even when you chill out in the background. Just knowing you are around sets everyone at ease.

You love fall, but you don’t make too big of a thing about it. You get that the seasons are always changing, no matter which one it officially is.
You are philosophical, but not detached from the world. You can get lost in your own thoughts, but you can always come out of them to spend time with others.

You Are Marty McFly

You are quite easygoing, just as long as no one tries to tell you how to live your life. If that happens, you rebel.
You are energetic, motivated, and resourceful. You are loyal to those you care about, and you’re willing to help out whenever you can.

You are very adaptable, and you can fit in anywhere. You keep your cool – as long as no one calls you “chicken!”
You love a good deal of adventure in your life. You don’t go looking for trouble, but it always seems to find you anyway.

You Are Dark Chocolate Mocha

You are very sophisticated in your tastes and opinions. You have gotten to know a lot of this world – either through reading, conversation, art, or travel.
You aren’t shy about speaking your mind, especially about matters of taste. You know what’s the best of the best… and you’re usually right.

You are naturally charming, and you forge new relationships easily. You’re the type of person that many people know.
You may be discerning, but you’re very open-minded about folks. Almost anyone is welcome to sit down and have a mocha with you!

You Are Earth Green

You are a very caring and nurturing person. Much like Mother Earth, you provide stability and happiness for those around you.
You are big on growth in life; each moment is merely a snapshot. You are comfortable with who you are, no matter what state you may be in.

You form deep relationships with the people you meet. You are very accepting, and you appreciate complexity in others.
You are a people person, but not necessarily an extrovert. You are confident enough to be able to lift others up and provide the support they need.

You Are a Ford

You are an all-American type, and you are as down to earth as they come. You are content with little things in life, and you are happy driving the same car for years… if not decades.
You are a naturally social creature, and you love being with your friends. You are almost always down for a laid-back party.

You know who you are, and don’t tend to change much. You are independent and self-reliant to your core.
You are not a status-seeking person. You go for what you love and what is fun for you. And you’re the first to admit that sometimes you do like to tinker with a good thing.


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