Heat, Garson being normal now, rodents vanishing, Theta-9 hotel, Theta-9 news

I talked to Vanessa about health things via Facebook messages. HORMONES, BEGONE! 😛

After rescuing the Reticulians of Zeti Valley from Brock, Colin / Keri / Xeria stay overnight in Selkirk. The next day’s news headline: “There’s an advertisement in today’s paper that looks a little interesting.”

“Heat wave blasts southern Manitoba. Ice cream sales shoot up.”

After the COLINBOUND party defeats Brock, the Garson Echo is now delivered to the Garson Hotel as usual. The headline reads, “Brock’s army has been soundly defeated!”

“Garson now all back to normal.”

Then the COLINBOUND party decides to stay in the Lockport Motel, where the next day’s news headline reads, “Rodents living in tunnel to Garson vanish without a trace.”

“13% of Lockport residents believe the Rat King was responsible.”

“Teenaged ninja turtles are doubtful.”

Colin and Xeria make it to Theta-9. “Theta-9 hotel. Price is $150 in Theta-10 Earth currency.”

Colin and Xeria stay overnight in the Theta-9 hotel. The next day, the bellhop says: “I’m here to show you the news holograms of our dimension.”

“More volcanic activity detected in Beta-31!”

“Tower of light in Omega-12 collapses during storm.”


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