Nose-to-ear jewelry chain / Happy Birthday, Onion! / Waltrece on FAMILY FEUD

I had to go to London Drugs AGAIN at 2:30 in the rain on a 407 so I could get my passport photos taken for a fee of $13.43. Yes, I got the photos right then. I got home just now at 3:05 on a 401. Time for some chicken noodle soup!

From Julie S. and Tumblr: “How do I create female armor for character design in games, TV, or films?” I’ve highlighted the areas in blue where females are immune to damage. It is important to identify the character as female, so make sure you design the armor to accentuate her feminine features. Otherwise, people will not be able to relate to these female characters very well. Important female parts to make the character feminine: Hair, breast, stomach, thighs, waist. Fashion comes first. Make sure your design reflects 21st century fashion statements. (Adding a corset is a bonus!) Just kidding. They wore normal armor designed for men.

From Julie: Pointless armor – now available in DUDE.

Here’s a skeleton motorcycle!

After defeating Miss Anna and her gang of Botz, the HALLOW’S END party (Sally / Craig / Clyde) stays overnight at the Onett Hotel. The next day’s newspaper headline: “Complaints about Botz gang suddenly melt into thin air.”


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