Asam Pedas hot and sour noodles, Stewarts Fountain pop, Tom joining Mr. Tenda

I had coffee and took aspirin before leaving at 1:10 (just missing the 401) to kill time at Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought an on-sale $1 can of mixed beans (where the deal expires TODAY) and Blue Menu store brand All-Bran at $4.50, saving $1.50 over London Drugs and $3.50 over Price Smart! Someone called my name from behind me, and she said she was Pam! Oh yes, Pam Shih from Palmer! Then I went for my Pap smear appointment with Dr. Ruby at 2 (JUST missing a 410 which decided to pull away just as I got to the stop!), where I failed because of weird blood. Hopefully not REDRUM AGAIN! Then I decided to go to Big Crazy since I was in the immediate area across the street. I bought Chapagetti noodles and Asam Pedas hot and sour noodles.

Later, I went to London Drugs for some Stewart’s Fountain Classics pop (black cherry / root beer / grape / key lime / orange cream) and some on-sale London Lights store brand CFL light bulbs (I didn’t know that the sale expires in two days!). When I got home at 3:30, I decided to go out again to London Drugs for that Black Friday deal on Cottonelle toilet paper, since my original load was getting too heavy and bulky already! Along with the toilet paper, I got a birthday card for Mom, plus two on-sale cans of Chunky Soup since the sale expires at the end of the month: CHICKEN NOODLE! I got home just in time for the hockey game to start at 5:30, thanks to JUST managing to catch a 407!

After the boss battle with Dr. Tilton Tenda and another five-on-one boss battle, Tom joins Mr. Tenda by the meteor in MR. TENDA’S WACKY ADVENTURE!

Asam Pedas hot and sour noodles! Nanvang!

Stewart’s Fountain Classics Pop: Black Cherry, Cream Soda, Grape Soda, Key Lime, Orange Cream Soda, and Root Beer!

London Lights CFL light bulbs!


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