UNCANNY BATHROOM READER, cranberry shortbread, plumeria, lavender, Gomtang

I had coffee before Barry picked me up at noon today to go banking and shopping, and I had the rent increase form with me. When I went to Coast Capital Savings, I also picked up Uncle John’s UNCANNY 29th Bathroom Reader (Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers) at IndigoSpirit. Barry seemed to think that this took twenty minutes, but it only took ten minutes – whatever! At least I didn’t have to do that tomorrow before my doctor’s appointment!

I bought a Marie Callender Three-Meat Marinara microwaveable meal, on-sale redrum chocolate pieces (Lindt Dark Chocolate Peppermint), on-sale store brand garbage bags (40 to a box!), a replacement NUT-FREE Christmas present for Steph / Lisa / Fraser (Dare cranberry shortbread!), on-sale Sidekicks x4 (Cheesy Spinach Dip / Garlic Alfredo / Creamy Chicken Fusilli x2), on-sale Chunky Soup chicken noodle soup x2, on-sale Good Taste Food dumplings x3 (cabbage and pork / pork and celery / cabbage and chicken), NEW Palmolive dish detergent x2 (Passion Fruit with Plumeria / Lotus Blossom with Lavender), store brand Beans and Bacon soup cans x4, Always Mi Goreng noodles x2 (Perisa Kari Kapitan / Perisa Sambal Udang), Nongshim Kimchi noodle soup (Korea #1!), Vileda sponges x6, Vedan noodles (Mushroom with Artificial Cuttlefish / Spicy Mushroom), Paldo Gomtang beef noodles, Sencha green tea leaf mints with mango (FIGHT DRAGON BREATH!), and on-sale Jamieson Vitamin C. I got Erik’s sister Lindsay as my cashier, too. Then I got home and called IndigoSpirit customer service to transfer or merge my points to one card or account. Phew, that took a while!

Lindt Dark Chocolate Peppermint!

Vileda sponges!

Palmolive Passion Fruit with Plumeria dish detergent!

Palmolive Lotus Blossom with Lavender dish detergent!

Western Family Beans and Bacon soup!

Nongshim Kimchi noodle soup! Korea #1!

Vedan Mushroom with Artificial Cuttlefish noodles!

EDIT: Vedan Mushroom with Artificial Cuttlefish noodles, English packaging!

Vedan Spicy Mushroom noodles!

Paldo Gomtang beef noodles!

Sencha green tea leaf mints with mango! FIGHT DRAGON BREATH!

Dare cranberry shortbread!

Garlic Alfredo Spaghetti Sidekicks!


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