Microbead foot pillows, Ayler not hitting me, Hawaiian Host macadamia chocolates

After having some coffee, I went out at 4 to Jon and Harmony’s for a family birthday dinner for Jon, who will be 35 on the 25th. I had his on-sale Brookside dark chocolate bars (Mango Coconut Crisp / Tart Berry Crisp with pomegranate), and Advent calendars for Steph / Lisa / Jon / Harmony / Ayler / Hiero, of course. I got there at about 4:45 or so. We had had duck, taro, orange and red peppers, pumpkin and cream soup, ribs, salad, tiny mandarin oranges, mango pudding, and chocolate ganache birthday cake with raspberries for dinner. Ayler did not hit me or pull off my hat, although he did want to climb on me. I heard that he broke someone else’s glasses at church, and that Hiero has been known to pull off Dylan’s glasses as well as Deb’s! Hiero remembers my name, and Ayler always asked us what time it was – look at the clock, and let us teach you how to tell time. Fraser was confused at the new environment, but definitely ate a lot.

Ayler wanted to give Fraser some hugs, but he wasn’t really having any of that. I gave everything away, and Steph bought us some Hawaiian Host chocolates from Hawaii. Their move to Hamilton is now official sometime in the next few months. Hiero was preoccupied in building this really long train track. Fraser seemed to like Hiero’s gears, and Harmony gave away the toy piano to him since he seemed to like that as well. At the end of the evening, Ayler held my hand (preventing me from getting ready to leave) and asked me a question: “Auntie, do you want to stay here?” That’s sweet, but I had to go home and hopefully get my BOZOBOUND characters un-stuck! (I did, after finding Walk-Through-Walls / Walk-Through-All / All PSI spells codes, then walking off the map and teleporting once I found a suitable place) Mom and Dad gave me a ride to Oakridge Station, Harmony wondered whether my fall jacket was warm enough (for now…), and I got home at about 8:45 on a 401.

Random stuff from Mom: A pink Riders by Lee shirt, a thin slightly blingy T-shirt, a thin yellow Danskin tank top, a thin red Ciera and Co. shirt, a thin olive Tabi sweater, a dark grey Danskin tank top, a thin yellow Riders by Lee shirt, chicken pasta Sidekicks, Country Mushroom rice Sidekicks, Creamy Bacon Carbonara pasta Sidekicks, Maggi two-minute Indian instant noodles x2, a BROKEN Royal Mints citrus mint, and $5.

From Julie: Squishy microbead foot pillows!

Ayler, Hiero, and Fraser!

Hawaiian Host Island Macs: Chocolate with macadamia nuts from Hawaii!


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