A newt Photoshopped into a dragon, hydrogen peroxide, Fraser sitting and waiting

I sent a Facebook message to Nicole yesterday to see whether she was still okay with the idea of my visiting her, Lucas, and Fraser in the next couple of days even if redrum is still going on for me. Her cousin Candice went back to work already by now, so that’s good. She was okay with the idea, but Fraser has daycare on Tuesdays. I was still okay-ish with the idea of today, then. It was definitely COFFEE TIME in the morning, especially since I had stayed up till 3 AM editing (future) status entries and reading a Bathroom Reader! Since I just managed to get the 401 when I left at 10:30, I decided that I had time to go to London Drugs for some much-needed PSP hydrogen peroxide so I could try deep-cleaning the dried bloodstains with it, liquid dish soap, and salt. (whatever “10 Volume” means…) I saw some Coca-Cola Life with a green label (reduced calorie with cane sugar?), so I decided to get that as well as a box of Connoisseur Irish Cream liqueur chocolates. The bus stop for the 301 hasn’t changed back yet, but I luckily knew where it is.

I was at the Tim Horton’s on time, so YAY! Nicole pulled in a few minutes later, saying that she had to wake Fraser up from a nap so she could be there on time using the GPS function. That was fine with me. I definitely didn’t mind cheese and pepperoni pizza slices for lunch later on (I saw Lucas for five minutes as he ate his lunch), and we also had an interesting salad (Brussels sprouts and feta cheese) to go with it, as well as tomatoes / grapes / carrots. Fraser babbled, but I could make out what sounded like “hi” and “more” and “no.” He’s learning that people have eyes, and wanted a grown-up water bottle to himself since Nicole had one. He did want me to read to him on his terms, which is fine. Blocks, penguins, ducks, toys, long tubes, the chilly sunroom, noises, puzzles, and more! Maybe I should get him a puzzle for Christmas! Nicole and I talked about Havarti being at my parents’ place (Mom can spoil her there!), going to eat dinner with them at some Chinese place last week, Langley, large families, having tea and the ginger / lemon biscuits, my family Christmas doings, Steph and Lisa getting back at midnight on Wednesday (technically Thursday), being at the airport “for” 10 AM on Thursday (just like how Andrew M. says it!), “reading” books to Fraser, having him put things back in boxes, stacking blocks, attention, my life, church, Shaun, William, playing outside in the chilly weather (I changed to a toque when I got home), Jon / Harmony, and not kicking me out if I didn’t want to leave quite yet.

I looked up the Translink bus schedule on Nicole’s laptop, which did not have the time changed from Ontario time, so that was a bit startling at first before I realized what was going on. The time wasn’t changed in Steph’s car, either, for obvious reasons – they’re not back from Hawaii yet! TIME DIFFERENCE SURREALISM, YO! I was in time for the 301 at 3:35, and was home by 4:15 thanks to taking the 401 from its temporary stop. When I got home, I tried the hydrogen peroxide / dish soap / salt solution, and it seems to work insofar as things not looking like Armageddon on my mattress! I had to do some work and rub it into the stains, but I expected that. I think I’ll buy some more when I can afford it!

From Julie: Here’s a newt that’s been Photoshopped into a dragon!

I searched for HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, not witch hazel or calamine lotion! Silly London Drugs…

Pure Standard Products Hydrogen Peroxide!

Coca-Cola with a green label: reduced calories with cane sugar or stevia extract?!

Fraser would rather sit on the floor and wait for me to finish lunch rather than have Nicole read to him! Ouch!


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