Canada flooded! / Laura Knott-Twine works at a Textile and History Museum?!

Eric Ho called me at 10:20, and I returned it about an hour later. He has a short shift at work from 12-3 (a film shoot) and wants to come over later to watch the Vancouver Canucks-Detroit Red Wings game. Sure, I guess so… good thing I caught him before he left, he said! Then I rushed to take an unscheduled shower / eat lunch! Good thing I had coffee because I dropped a spoon on the floor earlier! I figured that I might as well wear the San Francisco tie-dye shirt for the first time, but Eric Ho called me again at 4:10 to say that they wanted him to work more. Seriously?! The Canucks played Detroit in Vancouver’s last game at Joe Louis Arena at 4:30, and lost 3-1, no thanks to a Red Wings goal just 32 seconds into the game!

From Julie S. and Crushin Libs: Get ready, Canada. You’re about to be flooded with the dumbest America has to offer!

From Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Laura KNOTT-TWINE is a WEAVER who works at a TEXTILE and History Museum?!


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