These are all the enemies I could find in the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE hack of the MOTHER universe. I used this Youtube playlist (Version 1.3) by ThirdOfClubs as a walkthrough. THE FUZZY FROG IS A CONSUMABLE ITEM, AND CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE TO SAVE ANYWHERE! Auto-wins seem to give you one experience point each and no money. There were some enemies that I auto-won against in my first time fighting them, so they don’t get an in-battle screenshot for obvious reasons! I got the PARADOX ENDING.

You can use the Base Keycard to unlock a hidden area in Bolos at the hotel: Face the table and press X to get yourself killed by the unbeatable Fobbyiyg.

Use the FLASHPORTER ENGINE in Larice’s Magicant!

To activate Hard Mode: Type 42 when Giegue is at the computer hub at the start of the game.

To get off the Uranus gas station: There’s a small oval shadow on the left side of the platform that you can stand on to beam back up to your ship.

In Niiue’s Magicant, the fountain outside of town will heal you. Talk to people and make them disappear. You need to talk to the disappearing woman, who seems to move around. After the third time, she’ll appear in front of that house and then open the door for you as she disappears again.

To get Earth’s Point of Power: Go up through the trees on a narrow path in the second screen of the junkyard.

Press SHIFT while in the middle of space to check things in the spaceship!

Here’s another Youtube walkthrough, this one by Kenpokid4.

Gamer JayVee walkthrough

Julian Rodriguez Hard Mode Version 2.0

Chapter 7 to 8 walkthrough

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Combinulator table!


For lack of a guide anywhere, I’ll tell you where most of the optional content is.

All the points of power are: the Mountains of Saturn, the Crystal Caves of Saturn, the swamp of Saturn, the Red Eye of Jupiter, an abandoned spaceship between Mars and Saturn areas, the Mountains of Mars, the Junkyard of Earth, and Ness’ House.

All five Reboot Orbs give you full access to the abandoned space station. (needed for two endings, gives a lot of amazing gear, new powers, and makes Chapter 8 much better) A man on Earth south of the Snout building will trade one for a Snow Cone. (found on Pluto) One is in a present on the Mini-Game Mountain of Pluto. One is dropped by the Space Squid boss, Gargiathan. One is in the Secret Base on Mercury. One is in the middle of the fiery seas on Venus.

All four Hidden Gems: An empty house in the Saturn marshes, just west of Bolos on the floating island connecting the one-way path on Jupiter, in the connecting room between the surface and the snowy mountains on Mars, and in the second screen of Earth’s junkyard.

All four Knowledge Stones: On Earth’s Moon before the boss, after the boss on Earth’s Moon, and on the abandoned spaceship.

You will know when you’re almost there to defeating Gargiathan because he will get ANGERED. If his running away doesn’t work out for him, he will drop a Reboot Orb along with three Apples of Clarity.

Insignificant Item: Found while running in the spaceship as Larice, before it explodes. Go left before going right to Niiue and the Theft Protection Bot.


Saturn: There is a Point of Power in the Swamp, in the Crystal Caves, and in the mountains. You can access a Hidden Sphere town, found by talking to an NPC in the southeastern-most part of Sataene, telling you to use Fire on the sphere in the valley between the two towns on Saturn. This will give you a special new power for Colonel Saturn, and a high-tier shop that sells Combinulator materials. There is the first of four Hidden Gems required for the Moon base optional dungeon, located in an empty house in the marshes. It’s just a shiny twinkle on the ground, so it’s easy to miss.

Jupiter: There is a Point of Power in the most southeastern region: the Red Eye. The optional Swamp area can be accessed in Bolos by talking to the guy who is guarding it. You can talk with the trees. Talk to one in the second area of the marsh. It will ask you for Lake Water. (you can just buy this from the Ship Store) Doing that will give you access to the Cactus Optional Boss. He’s not that hard, though. A ship upgrade and PSI upgrade for Zarbol are given there. The destroyed town sells Brain Food Lunches, which are what I consider the best all-around healing item in the game. There is the second of four Hidden Gems, located just west of Bolos on the floating island connecting the one-way path. It’s easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there. There is the optional SUPER Boss Fobbyiyg, located in the Hotel of Bolos by accessing a hidden door. He is easily the hardest boss in the game. Beating him on hard mode took 52 minutes. Only fight him if you are dedicated to it. He drops the Borange Ray, which is the best weapon in the game. Anyone can use it, it does 500-900 damage to all enemies (twice), inflicts Insane, and lets the wielder move first every time. Disgustingly OP weapon.

Neptune: Trading an Ugh Stew with one of the NPCs right near the entrance to the planet gives you the Strange Tape, which can be given to Dr. Yooghurt in Neptune. Doing this will open him up as a shop, and will give access to the southernmost region of Neptune… after a few talks between the Doctor and Malik, the dude who lives in your ship. In Neptune’s southernmost region, two wreckage points can be salvaged, giving two ship upgrades, one of which is mandatory if you want to visit Venus.

Pluto: Gold Herbs can be bought from the Shop, and are the best PP healing items in the game. The Mountain Mini-Game has a Reboot Orb hidden inside. By trading 23 Snow Spirits with the guy outside the Mini-Game, Alinivar can learn PK Freeze Omega if he buys the Mystery Box.

Uranus Station: Nothing, this place sucks ass. Actually, if you got the Insignificant Item in Chapter 2, there will be a guy here who will swap you the Ballpeen Hammer for it, which is needed for the Joke Ending.

Venus (can only be accessed with the Ship Upgrades found on Neptune): There is a Reboot Orb in the middle of the planet’s explorable area. The Optional Fire Snake Boss can be found in the southernmost region. A snake will rise from the lava. Defeating him will give you a PK Fire Omega disc for Larice.

Mercury: Seems empty, but there is a large rock next to a broken signpost. Walking behind the rock and inspecting it opens up a secret base. In the secret base, Alinivar can learn PSI Lifeup Omega, and a reboot orb can be obtained. To get the transport hatches to work: Enable the hatches in the room with the ghost, go to the Arboreal Combustion Syndrome sign, go way left and up the stairs to a room with four circles in it. The room should have a plant and a speaker in front of it. Activate the hatches by pressing X in front of them, one at a time. They should all turn into flowers. Press Z in front of the green square under the plants, and the yellow hatch should open.

Mars: There is a Point of Power in the mountains. There is an optional base that can be taken down, giving you the Pulse Rifle, which is one of Larice’s best items. In the connecting room between the surface and the snowy mountains, a room will ask for two keycards. You should have both by now. (if not, defeat Captain Deepsea on Saturn) Inside are some records and the third of four Hidden Gems.

Earth: There is a Point of Power in the Junkyard. In the second screen of the junkyard, there is the last of the four hidden gems located in an outer boundary. By heading a bit north, you can walk behind a tree and get access to the area. There is a Reboot Orb that a man will trade you for a Snow Cone. (get these on Pluto)

Earth’s Moon: By collecting all four Hidden Gems scattered across space, the hardest optional dungeon can be accessed here. This is probably the best place to grind if you want to. Before the boss, one out of the four Knowledge Stones can be found.

Eris (hidden planet, found somewhere southeasternish of Pluto): Apples of Clarity can be found here.

Alinivar: PSI Empower is a long lasting buff which drastically increases the stats of a single ally.
Col. Saturn: PK Ground is an extremely powerful single targeting PSI power, the strongest in the game.
Larice: Berserk Mode will make Larice auto attack with drastically improved speed, attack, and defense.
Zarbol: PSI Siphon drains PP from Zarbol to give to any ally.

???: During Chapter 8, if you have completed the abandoned spaceship, a new party member (Commander Niiue, NOT The Mummy!) will join you temporarily. Save a knowledge stone for this, as this power gives access to the Paradox Ending. Don’t use one on Zarbol, as his power is the weakest. One of the Super Bosses, Dr. Madness, can be fought at the end of the moonbase. Defeating him will give you two more knowledge stones. Once you defeat him, you cannot return to the moonbase.

Abandoned Spaceship (The most important side location, needed for 2/5 of the endings, and really changes chapter 8)
All 5 reboot orbs are needed to complete the dungeon in its entirety.
The best weapon for Col. Saturn can be found here, without even needing a single orb. The Mayhem Shotgun is found in the vents right near the start. It hits every enemy twice for lots of damage, and has a large chance to just instantly kill.

While going through the dungeon, a giant locked door can be found. Remember this, as it’s very important. It doesn’t let you use a reboot orb on it until you beat the area boss. Once proceeding all the way through the dungeon, right before the area boss, the fourth Knowledge Stone can be found. I strongly advise not to use them unless you can save one for Chapter 8. An infinite fuel upgrade called the Plasma Reroutifier can be found here.

Master Magnolia is the boss of the dungeon, and is one of the harder bosses of the game. Defeating him will give a PK Beam Omega disc for Larice, and will let you open the giant door from earlier. Once going through the giant door, after a long dark hallway, you will be asked for a password. Unless you are very brushed up on your Mother 1 lore, you won’t know the password. It expects you to learn it during Chapter 8. The password is Maria or George. The game will guide you at that point, but make sure you head back to where Master Magnolia was after exploring the locked room.


I’ll give spoiler-free versions, and slightly more spoilery versions underneath if you can’t figure it out.
I also recommend keeping a save from before entering Chapter 8, and before the final boss.

Pretty Self Explanatory
Die Against the Final Boss

GOOD ENDING (Requires all 8 points of Power)
When all looks bleak, and the messenger has made it, use an important power.
Use PK Harmony after Zarbol has made it to the past.

PARADOX ENDING (Requires a spare Knowledge stone to be used on Niuue after the first fight against Giegue after going through everyone’s Magicant)
(Can only be accessed if you have completed the Abandoned Spaceship)
Use the unlocked power BEFORE the messenger makes it to the past.
Use Niuue’s Sing against Giygas in his second form. Save using a fuzzy frog during the break, as the following boss is very difficult.

SEVERANCE ENDING (Can only be accessed if you have completed the Abandoned Spaceship)
Borrow some power from the other side, and win by brute force.
Use Niiue’s Nightmare Empower during the final phase of Giygas, after Zarbol gets to the past, and beat Giygas with force.

JOKE ENDING (can only be accessed with the Ballpeen hammer)
Use the ballpeen hammer to defeat the final boss.


Chapter 1: Discovery
Chapter 2: Jailbreak in the Stars
Chapter 3: Red Bow Revolution
Chapter 4: A Clockwork Apple
Chapter 5: The Forgotten
Chapter 6: Arrival or Invasion?
Chapter 7: A Nightmare’s Welcome
Chapter 8: Descent

A poster of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE enemies and bosses!

Malfunctioning Robot

Abstract Art (Peanut Cheese Bar)

Wigglin’ Evil Shroom (Yellow Shroom Cap, Lake Water)

Ninja Gembloom (Lake Water)

Sheriff Bloom 1 [meteorite boss]

Giegue 1 [meteorite boss]

Mr. Sicko (Shiny Red Bow) [Satralia mini-boss]

Crazy Rock (PSI Stone) [Satralia mini-boss]

Old Timey Bloom (Green Gembloom)

Unneeded Protoplasm (Gummi Blob, Ugh Stew)

Mr. Statue (Metal Bow) [Satralia Radio Tower boss]

Alphonse (Lake Water)

Tiny Bothersome UFO (Shades)

Mr. Psycho (Psychotic Bow)

Rampaging Robear [first Point of Power boss on Saturn]

Sheriff Bloom 2 (Red Gembloom)

Lesser Mook (Tentacle Wrapping)

Grouchy Trash Mook (Red Bow)

Battle Fungus (Gross Purple Fungus)

Mook Senior (Delicious Cake)

Wobbly Octobot (Sparkling Juice)

Googly Spore (Peanut Cheese Bar)

Semi-Invincible Claw (Braggart’s Coin)

Fungistrosity [second Point of Power boss on Saturn]

Little Shroomers [second Point of Power boss on Saturn]

Shield / Elmadan [Satraene Chapter 1 bosses]

Starman (Brain Food Lunch)

Starman Super (Sharp Pointy Thing)

Plain Old Mook (Plain Coin)

Orbiter (Super Oil Can)

Voidfloater (Space Rock)

Theft Protection Robot

Batzerker (Psycho Stalk Guards)

Biggest and Hairiest Fan [Satraene music show boss]

Battastic (Berserker Engine, Shiny Coin)

Burnflake (Fire In A Jar)

Grassassin (Grass Shreds)

Giegue 2 [crashed spaceship boss]

Mr. Lunatic (Loony Tune)

Minerali (Space Rock)

Woogly Spore (Strawberry Pudding)

Son of Meltdude (Space Rock) [third Point of Power boss on Saturn]

Greyface [Radio Tower boss]

Dancing Evil Mushroom (Magic Mushroom)

Crazed Cactus (Needler)

Airpuff (Balloon Grenade)

Ghost of Starman (Goddess Ribbon) [Bolos boss]

Blue Starman (Brain Food Lunch) [Bolos boss]

Gemini Worm (Horn of Life)

Marathon Stone (Shinestone)

Yuck (Balloon Grenade)

Space Pirate (Horn of Life)

Airmeister (Atomic Compressor) [fourth Point of Power boss on Jupiter]

Starman Deluxe [Anolin boss]

Starman Plus (Brain Food Lunch) [Anolin boss]

Upgraded Octobot (Scrap Metal)

Fobbyiyg [Bolos hidden boss; unbeatable; Borange Ray]

Tornado Bot

Captain Deepsea (Deepsea ID) [Celine boss]

Zappy Spider (Grass Shreds)

Short Circuit Crash (Lightning Tosser)

Atomic Power Robot (Durable Tubing, Atomic Combuster)


Tumbletwist (Durable Tubing)

Shifty Icicle (Ice Pendant)

Ten-Yeti (Horn of Life)

Blaze [Polar Cap sixth Point of Power boss on Mars]

Snow [Polar Cap sixth Point of Power boss on Mars]

Hurriedcane (Spaceship Fuel)

Swimming Bird (Balloon Grenade)

Manly Fish / Manly Fish’s Brother

Jealous Bass (Fishbone Guitar, Can of Fish Food) [Neptune boss]

Jewel Jogger (Space Rock)

Electrobeard [fifth Point of Power boss; on Hagberd, northeast of Jupiter]

Losepaper (Cray-Z Fries)

Whatsit In A Hole (Cureall Cream)

Sub Woofer (Coin of Defense) [seventh Point of Power boss; Thunderton Junkyard on Earth]

Tripping 60s Hippie (Psionic Herb)

Irate Businessman (Cray-Z Fries)

Showstopper (Scrap Metal)

Sir Sniffle (PSI Stone) [boss of the bridge between Thunderton and Cloudvale]

Frozen Spirit (Icicle Gun)

Maulbox (Scrap Metal)

Voltzer! (AA Battery, Lightning Tosser) [Cloudvale sign boss]

Heavily Armed Greyface [Thunderton boss]

Heavily Armed Greyface / Giegue [Thunderton bosses]

Psychic Psycho (PSI Stone)

Wild and Woolly Shambler (Multi-Bottle Rocket)

Unpsychic Psycho

Major Psychic Psycho (Star Pendant)

Evil Eye (Meteotite)

Mr. Molecule

Mr. Multiplicity (Meteotite) [first form of Onett boss; eighth Point of Power in Ness’s House]

Mr. Multiplicity (Meteotite) [second form of Onett boss; eighth Point of Power in Ness’s House]

Mr. Multiplicity (Meteotite) [third form of Onett boss; eighth Point of Power in Ness’s House]

Mr. Multiplicity (Meteotite) [fourth and last form of Onett boss; eighth Point of Power in Ness’s House]

Tangoo (Multi-Bottle Rocket)

Horror Claw (Coin of Everything)

Flashzapbang (Star Pendant)

Smiling Sphere (Meteotite)

Doom Statue (Shinestone)

Uncontrollable Sphere (Meteotite) [hidden Sphere town boss on Saturn]

Combat Cap (Gross Purple Fungus)

Globboid (PSI Stone)

Gargiathan (Reboot Orb, Apples of Clarity) [outer space boss]

Little Sludgie

Eye In The Sky

Elite Grassassin (Grass Shreds)

Space Buccaneer (Super Fixer Nanobots)

Unfurrendly (Horn of Life)

Flakey Freezer (Lake Water, Snow Spirit)

Radical Snowbro (Cloud Fluff, Snow Spirit)

Snowball’s Chance (Cloud Fluff, Snow Spirit)

Hopskipjump (Horn of Life)

Clanky Crawlie (Special Gold Herb)

Highly Combustible Spirits (Fire in a Jar)

Lobstrosity (Fried Lobster Tails)

Fleyefree (Gummi Blob)

Second Look (Gummi Blob)

Sir Pent (Snow-Cone, PK Fire Omega disc for Larice) [Venus optional boss]

Final Starman (Brain Food Lunch) [Venus base mini-boss]

Nuclear Reactor Robot (Boom Bomb)

Death Stare (Space Rock)

Natural Killer Saturn (Radar Bow) [Venus base boss]

Schwampion (Cureall Cream)

Pinaconut (Grass Shreds)

Demonic Petunia (Grass Shreds)

Lord Saguaro (Boom Bomb) [Jupiter swamp boss]

Giga Borg (Brain Food Lunch)

Star Miner (Meganuke)

Tina (Special Gold Herb)

Omega Borg (Horn of Life)

Dr. Destructo (Super Fixer Nanobots) [Giegue base boss]

R7039 (Super Fixer Nanobots) [Giegue base boss]

Starman? (Brain Food Lunch)

Swanky Seedpod (Psionic Gold Herb)

Treespook (Horn of Life)


Master Magnolia, form 1 [Giegue spaceship boss]

Master Magnolia, form 2 (PK Beam Omega disc, Psionic Gold Herb) [Giegue spaceship boss]

Armful [Giegue spaceship boss]

Something (Regret)

What’s Going On? (Consideration)

Abominiathan [Giygas’s Magicant boss]

Betrayer UFO (Special Gold Herb)

Threefold (Horn of Life) [Zarbol’s Magicant boss]

Last Starman (Brain Food Lunch)

Goog (PSI Stone)

Conducting Menace (Super Oil Can)

Eerie Smile (Brain Food Lunch)

Giegue? [Larice’s Magicant mini-boss]

Influence Inhibitor (Super Oil Can) [Larice’s Magicant boss]

Freakjaw (Bling Bling Belt)

Octobot’s Last Stand (Multi-Bottle Rocket)

Forgotten Starman

Reflecto (PSI Stone) [Alinivar’s Magicant boss]

Rock Soldier (Space Dust)

Foppish Bloom (Space Dust)

Hard Rock (PSI Stone) [Colonel Saturn’s Magicant boss]

Woodoh (Noble Seed)

Big Woodoh (Noble Seed)

Magic Snail (PSI Stone)

Watcher (instantly kills itself)

Raeb Yddet

Sky Yddet (can only be seen when Raeb Yddet calls for help!)



Momseyes (instantly kills itself)

Dadseyes (instantly kills itself)


Mangy Mutt

Giegue 3, first form (pink hands) [boss; Unknown Door]

Giegue 3, second form (orange hands) [boss; Unknown Door]

Nalt 1 (Love) [yellow apple with K inside]

Nalt 2 (blue glitchy square)

Nalt 3 (Motivation) [a red circle]

Nalt 4 (Kindness) [a blue X]

Nalt 5 [a red demonic circle] (Hesitance)

Nalt 6 (a blue demonic circle) [Consideration]

Nalt 7 (red demonic blob)

Nalt 8 (blue demonic blob)

Nalt 9 (green glitchy square) [Motivation]

Giegue 4, first form [final boss]

Pokey and Giegue

Giegue 4, second form [final boss]

Giygas, form 1 [final boss]

Giygas, form 2 [final boss]

NALT Swirls (Red Cap, Goddess Ribbon, Heavy Bazooka, Sharp Pointy Thing)



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