Talking, walking muffin! / Pile of Sod is stuck! / Chipotle Pineapple Jones Soda

I went out at 1:15 in the rain (just missing the 401) to pick up my Laksa Singapura Koka noodles today at Price Smart, and actually remembered to bring my receipt this time! While I was there, I bought on-sale pads / Dawn Caribbean Breeze dish detergent / limited-edition candy cane Oreos. The self-checkout machine said UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA – no shit! I’m not juggling a bunch of purchases plus whatever I came to the store with while also trying to work the machine because I am not a fucking octopus! I got home at 2, no thanks to the smoking East Indian guy who moved at the speed of a BARNACLE while others were trying to get by him. Another guy and I spoke up: FUCKING MOVE! At home, I threw out a bunch of heavy garbage before finally relaxing. The Canucks played Montreal at 4:30 today, and lost 3-0.

Dawn Caribbean Breeze dish detergent!

Limited-edition Candy Cane Oreos!

Also, why would anyone come up with BROCCOLI OREOS?!

The JONBOUND party (Jon Otis / Sarah Buffaloe / Joe Scharfenberg / Prince Casey) check out the Denver Museum. “Have you ever seen a talking, walking muffin? Well, we haven’t… hehe.”

The JONBOUND party (Jon Otis / Sarah Buffaloe / Joe Scharfenberg) has completed the Pyramid dungeon in Egypt, and see the Muffin Man in the desert, for sure!

Muffin Man has joined the JONBOUND party, which includes their last Electronic Pikachu! Luckily, they can Sprint (teleport) to Monaco to get some more in a bit.

This Pile of Sod enemy is stuck between the water and the desert, hahaha!

Hey, why is this Pile of Sod enemy stuck in the water?! HOLY GLITCHES, BATMAN!

From Julie: Jones Soda in Chipotle Pineapple… not for me!


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