Lunch with Auntie Catherine, finally! / Being sarcastic at the wrong time

Someone named Irene Schmidt added me to Facebook – DENIED, even if our mutual friends are Subena and Leona! I left the house at 10:10 to meet Auntie Catherine for lunch at Peaceful Restaurant today at 11. (there are STILL temporary bus stops and loud construction at Brighouse!) She was there before I was, but I was expecting that. Then she hugged me hello, which was fine. I had hand-dragged noodles with stewed lamb / Napa cabbage / woodear mushrooms, while she had Northern Pork Dumplings. Of course, we both had tea. We talked about Chung Yan, their still sharing the same North Vancouver house, Chung Ming having two daughters now, Mattias and Marcus (who are eight and six now with October birthdays), David Marr / Kelvin Kwan / Chung always being in my Sunday School classes (the other girls like Gloria Leung, Alexandra Chen, Vivian Shum, Frances Chan, Eleanor Chan, Roanna Leung, Sophia Marr, Evelyn, Edith and Carina Ng, Annie Yu, and Belinda Lee were either older or younger than me or had moved on), my nephews, whether I still kept in touch with “Leslie Ng” (??? NO LESLEY CHUNG!), the Richmond library, convenient transit, grocery shopping, and my Richmond life and hobbies.

Then she insisted on accompanying me to the nearby Book Warehouse to browse (before she did grocery shopping at London Drugs), where we bumped into Eunice’s sister Winnie! We talked about her being born in 1971, her sister Pauline, a STAR WARS game she was going to buy for a kid, and how it was crazy that we’d bumped into each other. When I left (with her accompanying me almost to the Canada Line – I don’t need that!), I was glad to just be by myself even if it seemed that she wanted to spend more time with me. It’s exhausting as an introvert, but I definitely wanted to be polite to her, unlike my dealings with the apartment management here! I finally got home at 1:15 on a 407.

I had stewed lamb hand-dragged noodles with Napa cabbage and woodear mushrooms at Peaceful Restaurant today!

From Lisa B.: My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time.

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