Cookie butter, a morbid YOU’RE NEXT comic, Gary the Grammar Cactus, ME AND NICK

I had to go shopping at 3:40 because my almond milk expired today, just in case I’ll use some before Wednesday. Good thing I still had $70 in cash, and resisted the lure of delivery on the weekend! I just managed to get the 401 bus, I also bought on-sale Stockemeyer soup (Harvest Pea, Hearty Lentil, Minestrone) / Tasty Bite microwaveable meals (Brown Rice and Lentils, Tandoori Rice) / Breton artisanal crackers (White Bean with Salt and Pepper, Sweet Potato and Ancient Grains, Cranberry and Ancient Grains), and some Penotti Cookie Notti cookie butter. When I got home at 4:15 on a 407, I was pleased to note that I had beaten any rainy weather! This entry is posted over two hours after I got home because I had to find a bunch of food photos (nothing new), and because Imgur was intermittently not working for whatever reason (this is new) – at least it’s now on the Internet! 😀

Penotti Cookie Notti cookie butter!

Harvest Pea Stockemeyer soup!

Minestrone Stockmeyer soup!

Hearty Lentil Stockmeyer soup!

Tasty Bite Brown Rice and Lentils!

Tasty Bite Tandoori Rice!

Breton Artisanal crackers: White Bean with Salt and Pepper!

Breton Artisanal crackers: Sweet Potato with Ancient Grains!

Breton Artisanal crackers: Cranberry with Ancient Grains!

From Morbid Fact Du Jour!: A morbid “you’re next” correction written in blood!

Gary the Grammar Cactus will never find love. “Gary, you need to be less selfish. Remember, it’s cact-US.” “Actually, sweetie, the plural is cact-I.”

It’s “Nick and I,” not “me and Nick”… no box seats to a Giants game for you!


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