These are all the enemies I could find in THE MYSTERIOUS MINE hack of EARTHBOUND. It’s initially set in 2006 in Orange County, Virginia. Then it goes to different cities and eras. I used this Youtube playlist by Starman Guy as a walkthrough.

The password code for the Lumine Hall-like area is SLEDGE OF DOOM. To get a Remote Control on your head and thus become roboticized and then malfunction, a Pigmask or Clawbot enemy has to fire a Spectrum Beam at you. Have Trae and Rakim equip Lava Emblems because those protect against fire attacks / Acid Rain spells. There is a secret store in the Mysterious Mine.


Some enemies start with a barrier or a magAura.

Always carry food or some recovery items with you because there are many tough enemies in the Mysterious Mine.

You can recover HP and PP by “checking” Trae’s bed.

DO NOT use a regular Transport Orb when not near a GenieStatue. You will lose it if you do.

Order in which you should go (once you get to the mine):

Northern Cave
First Eastern Cave (when you get your first orb)
Up the ladder (when you get second orb)
Far Eastern Cave (once you get the last Transport Orb, which is on the floor, shining in the shiny room)

There is a new magic skill, HustleBoost. This raises the “rush” of allies during battle. HustleBoost replaces Depressor, which was basically Def. Down.

NOTE: Once you exit the Mysterious Mine and go back to the real world after the second coffee scene, you might experience freezing once you go into battle. Don’t worry. Your game will be saved after you regroup on the hill. Just reset the game, and you’ll be on top of the hill. Also, just open the menu and you shouldn’t experience this problem. You might encounter a little freezing after resting at Jack’s house. Just press B and the game will resume as you’re going down the stairs.

There is a secret item you can purchase in NYC, and it is called ITEM 1. Before using this, you should create a save state. This item will let you use the original ending for THE MYSTERIOUS MINE. When you finish viewing the cutscene, just load your previous save state.

When in Orange, if you lose a battle and want to fully recover, just check the bed in your room.

Another thing: There is a secret enemy from the exit from the caves leading to Smurf Village and the entrance to Smurf Village. It has a low encounter rate, but if you keep going back and forth, you should be able to encounter it.

The Mysterious Mine 1/128 gifts and Gift drop Ultra List

1/128 items
Lost Specter: Pixie’s Harp
Thievin’ Rebel: Flamethrower
Rockster Senior: Sapphire Robe
Grandmaster Wizard: Ruby Labrys
Ultra Whammy: Whammy Sledge
Lizarados Grunt: Fairy’s Bisento
Clawbot: Raid Bugspray DX
Lizarados Mage: Pegasus’ Robe
Octavian Disciple: Rainbow Emblem
Metalster: Maneki Neko
Pigmask Colonel: Super Scope
Raged Smurf: Gold Bar
Quagsire: Phoenix Blade
Mega Metool: Metool’s Pickaxe

4/128 items
Lowly Wizard: Shadow Emblem
Gabilan: Legendary Scroll
Super Whammy: Ivy Bramble
Pigmask Captain: Gold Bar
Octavian Fighter: Elixir
Scorch Demon: Emerald
Goldenebble: Golden Mallet

8/128 items
Tarantula: Fried Oreos
Brawlin’ Centipede: Rainbow Sherbet
Rockster Jr.: Sirloin
Wooper: Emerald
Evil Joker: Magnum Launcher
Rabid Girl Scout: Fried Oreos
Baby Phoenix: Legendary Scroll
Pigmask: Omega Launcher
Menacing Kid: Omega Launcher
Lizarados Rogue: Legendary Scroll
Mystic Wizard: Arctic Whip
Titany: Courage Shell
Supreme MAD Agent: Titan Grenade
Stoned Snapper: Courage Shell
Disgruntled Orc: Fried Oreos
Stormtrooper: Massimo Special

16/128 items
MAD Agent Flunkie: Pepper Spray
Peskyguist: Rainbow Sherbet
Whammy: Speedy Sub
Super Metool: Seafood Salad
Walking Stick: Ivy Bramble
Clawbot Sigma: Anger Capsule
Clawbot Omega: Massimo Special
Spider: Grilled Chicken Sub
Rabid Boy Scout: Life-Up Cream
Great Phoenix: Elixir
Blue Slime: Rainbow Sherbet
Lizarados Guard: Honey Lime Tea
Lizarados Elite: Elixir
Mega Borg: Massimo Special
Giga Borg: Bigfoot Pizza
Omega Borg: Elixir
R.O.B.: R.O.B.’s Gyro
Bionic Centipede: Elixir
Fighting Hornet: Arctic Whip
Metabble: Rare Candy

32/128 items
Evil Kid: Fresh Milk
Psychotic Kid: Grenade
Metaly: Rare Candy
Metool: Big n’ Tasty
Chaos Crab: King Burger
Cavern Wolf: Carrot
Shonuff: Warrior’s Bo [boss]
Hysteria: Anger Capsule [boss]
Heathcliff: Pink Potion [boss]
Capeman: Jammin’ Jelly [boss]
Dynablade: Terraphone [boss]
Shyness: Pink Potion [boss]

64/128 items
Octavian: Emerald [boss]

128/128 items
Captain Cervantes: Tidal Emblem [boss]
Avenging Capeman: Klutz Hammer [boss]
Masked Marauder: Cotton Robe [boss]

Evil Kid (Fresh Milk)

Psychotic Kid (Grenade)

Masked Marauder (Cotton Robe) [2006 Virginia hilltop boss]

Stormtrooper (Massimo Special)

Whammy (Speedy Sub)

Raged Smurf (Gold Bar)

Wannabe Emcee (Quarter Pounder)

R.O.B. (R.O.B.’s Gyro)

Heathcliff (Pink Potion) [1988 New York City boss]

Super Whammy (Ivy Bramble)

Spider (Grilled Chicken Sub)

Titany (Courage Shell)

Metool (Big n’ Tasty)

Cavern Wolf (Carrot)

MAD Agent Flunkie (Pepper Spray)

Rockster Jr. (Sirloin)

Walking Stick (Ivy Bramble)

Shonuff (Warrior’s Bo) [Smurf Valley boss]

Supreme MAD Agent (Titan Grenade)

Blue Slime (Rainbow Sherbet)

MAD Specter

Capeman (Jammin’ Jelly) [Claw Castle mini-boss]

Claw Mammoth X [Claw Castle mini-boss]

Rabid Boy Scout (Life-Up Cream)

Rabid Girl Scout (Fried Oreos)

Lowly Wizard (Shadow Emblem)

Evil Joker (Magnum Launcher)

Thievin’ Rebel (Flamethrower)

Super Metool (Seafood Salad)

Brawlin’ Centipede (Rainbow Sherbet)

Metaly (Rare Candy)

Fighting Hornet (Arctic Whip)

Stoned Snapper (Courage Shell)

Clawbot (Raid Bugspray DX)

Mega Metool (Metool’s Pickaxe)

Baby Phoenix (Legendary Scroll)

Master Tokage-San [Valley boss]

Rockster Senior (Sapphire Robe)

Stinky Orc

Peskyguist (Rainbow Sherbet)

Scorch Demon (Emerald)

Tarantula (Fried Oreos)

Freddy Kruger [Natsune Valley boss]

Pigmask (Omega Launcher)

Pigmask Captain (Gold Bar)

Pigmask Colonel (Super Scope)

Metabble (Rare Candy)

Captain Cervantes (Tidal Emblem) [Porkette Island boss]

Octavian (Emerald) [Porkette Island boss]

Chaos Crab (King Burger)

Disgruntled Orc (Fried Oreos)

Mystic Wizard (Arctic Whip)

Gabilan (Legendary Scroll)

Quagsire (Phoenix Blade)

Wooper (Emerald)

Red Slime

Octavian Disciple (Rainbow Emblem)

Octavian Fighter (Elixir)

Dynablade (Terraphone) [Octavian City guardian boss]

Menacing Kid (Omega Launcher) [Octavian City mini-boss]

Lizarados Mage (Pegasus’ Robe)

Goldenebble (Golden Mallet)

Mega Borg (Massimo Special)

Lizarados Grunt (Fairy’s Bisento)

Clawbot Sigma (Anger Capsule)

Avenging Capeman (Klutz Hammer) [Octavian mines boss]

Metalster (Maneki Neko)

Great Phoenix (Elixir)

Grandmaster Wizard (Ruby Labrys)

Inuyasha [Blue Memories boss]

Shyness (Pink Potion) [Brain System boss]

Intelligence [Brain System boss]

Hysteria (Anger Capsule) [Brain System boss]

Phantasm Trae [Brain System boss]


Giga Borg (Bigfoot Pizza)

Lizarados Rogue (Legendary Scroll)

Bionic Centipede (Elixir)

Lizarados Guard (Honey Lime Tea)

Omega Borg (Elixir)

Clawbot Omega (Massimo Special)

Lizarados Elite (Elixir)

Ultra Whammy (Whammy Sledge)

Emperor Xenos [Lizarados Base final boss; form 1]

Lucifer Xenos [Lizarados Base final boss; form 2]


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