Deb took me out for a belated birthday lunch! / Rice with herpes?! YUCKY!

Deb said that she would take me out for a belated lunch for my birthday. After a bunch of emails between me, her, Sharon, and Vicky, we settled on something which wasn’t ramen! I hadn’t been to IHOP since 25 March 2009, and I hadn’t been to De Dutch since February 13, 2011 with Eric, Kieran, Ron, and Veronica. IHOP was fine with me if it was closest to Vicky’s work so she could walk there. I had buttermilk pancakes (blueberry syrup and butter syrup), scrambled eggs, hash browns, and two pork sausages. Vicky had chocolate chip pancakes! We caught up with each other: we talked about naming (Deb still remembers the kid at Costco who told her to stop yelling his name), Elise being in daycare now, Declan throwing up last night (and being in kindergarten now), Jason, Vicky seeing Melia (whose kids are Mackenzie and Owen) at a wedding where Angus knew the groom from a hockey team, Deb needing to pack at the old place (since they’ve moved to a newer place near the meat shop), the Canucks, the old-timer church families (Denise and her sibs / Calla and Acer / Edwin and Karen [Jane and Rebecca] / Joe Yu / the Yung clan), the windy weather and possible power outages, Donald Trump, little Fraser, Ayler and Hiero, a new homegroup small group, and the windy weather. I was home by 1:10, which was fine by me! Deb gave me a hug on behalf of Sharon, which is also fine.

From Julie: Rice with herpes?! No thanks!


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