A zombie defense serum flask, a glitchy stats menu, a green square in stats

I did some bulk editing of 41 pages of WordPress posts this afternoon to add a NEW tag: TEA! All I have to do is select a bunch of posts on an editor page, click the BULK ACTIONS menu in the top left corner, select EDIT from there, click APPLY, and pick my desired tag(s) from that menu. I went out at 5:40 before tonight’s projected storm to get Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel bites (jalapeno / hot buffalo wings), on-sale Swanson’s chicken / beef / turkey pot pies (which I haven’t had in YEARS!), on-sale Brookside dark chocolate bars for Jon’s birthday (Mango Coconut Crisp / Tart Berry Crisp with pomegranate), on-sale Juzz Mee noodles x2 (original / spicy curry), and a turkey Hungry Man microwaveable meal. Then I bought invisible tape x3, an on-sale peanut butter Snickers bar (to be consumed for blood sugar purposes at the bus stop right downstairs) and Scotch Precision Titanium scissors because those were the only ones left on the shelf, despite what the website said about Scotch multipurpose scissors being in the store later on. Thank goodness I got home later at 7, because cars wanted to go on MY green light!

Scotch multipurpose scissors!

Scotch Precision Titanium scissors!

Hungry Man turkey microwaveable meal!

Snyder’s of Hanover jalapeno pretzel pieces!

Snyder’s of Hanover hot buffalo wings pretzel pieces!

Brookside Mango Coconut Crisp chocolate!

Brookside Tart Berry Crisp chocolate with pomegranate!

From Julie: Zombie defense serum flask! Contains anti-virus. Ingest contents in the event of an infection.

Hey, why is Joe Scharfenberg’s stats menu all glitchy in the Arizona Desert?!

Now there’s a green square and garbled text in Joe’s stats menu?!


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