JONBOUND: DARK FUTURE Enemies, #1-171!

These are all the enemies I could find in the JONBOUND: DARK FUTURE hack of EARTHBOUND. It’s set in 2002 in Colorado. I used this EARTHBOUND walkthrough as a more accurate guide. The mini-ghost which can possess you is named Jasper. Before doing the desert fetch quest: get a Cherry Pie and a Sack Lunch from the drugstore in Arizona, have Kelsey deliver the Exorcism Kit, get a Bread Slice from the Market in Golden (have Kelsey store this item as soon as possible before it turns into Moldy Bread or Crazed Penicillin!), and order some Nachos from Grub N’Stuff.

Do NOT look at the gibberish information for the Soylent Green. IT WILL FREEZE THE GAME!
Do NOT fight the Vastly Oversized Mutt in Lost Valley. IT WILL GLITCH OUT THE GAME!
Do NOT fight the Aljimo Invader in the Cave to the Past. IT WILL GLITCH OUT THE GAME!
The game will pause before healing the party at the eight Sanctuaries / Power Points. This behavior is normal.

I also found this Youtube playlist by Van_Kadix.

Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

Game Genie: F0EB-5FB0 (keep Buzz-Buzz or Tomato)

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Item Mod Codes

Item mod code for Ness
Slot 1 – 7E99F1??
Slot 2 – 7E99F2??
Slot 3 – 7E99F3??
Slot 4 – 7E99F4??
Slot 5 – 7E99F4??
Slot 6 – 7E99F5??
Slot 7 – 7E99F6??
Slot 8 – 7E99F7??
Slot 9 – 7E99F8??
Slot 10 – 7E99F9??
Slot 11 – 7E99FA??
Slot 12 – 7E99FB??
Slot 13 – 7E99FC??
Slot 14 – 7E99FD??

Paula’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9A50??
slot 2 – 7E9A51??
slot 3 – 7E9A52??
slot 4 – 7E9A53??
slot 5 – 7E9A54??
slot 6 – 7E9A55??
slot 7 – 7E9A56??
slot 8 – 7E9A57??
slot 9 – 7E9A58??
slot 10 – 7E9A59??
slot 11 – 7E9A5A??
slot 12 – 7E9A5B??
slot 13 – 7E9A5C??
slot 14 – 7E9A5D??

Jeff’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9AAF??
slot 2 – 7E9AB0??
slot 3 – 7E9AB1??
slot 4 – 7E9AB2??
slot 5 – 7E9AB3??
slot 6 – 7E9AB4??
slot 7 – 7E9AB5??
slot 8 – 7E9AB6??
slot 9 – 7E9AB7??
slot 10 – 7E9AB8??
slot 11 – 7E9AB9??
slot 12 – 7E9ABA??
slot 13 – 7E9ABB??
slot 14 – 7E9ABC??

Poo’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9B0E??
slot 2 – 7E9B0F??
slot 3 – 7E9B10??
slot 4 – 7E9B11??
slot 5 – 7E9B12??
slot 6 – 7E9B13??
slot 7 – 7E9B14??
slot 8 – 7E9B15??
slot 9 – 7E9B16??
slot 10 – 7E9B17??
slot 11 – 7E9B18??
slot 12 – 7E9B19??
Slot 13 – 7E9B1A??
slot 14 – 7E9B1B??

Just replace the “??” with the value for whatever item you want.
01 – Franklin Badge
C5 – Exit Mouse

Small EARTHBOUND tile map:

Here is a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Irate Copper (Sticky Bun)

Crazed Catnip 1 (Powerbar)

Tomato Horn Worm (Spray Cheese)

Japanese Rent-A-Cop [Arvada mini-boss]

Poo Klux Klanist A (Quarter Pounder)

Poo Klux Klanist B (Onion Rings)

Poo Klux Klanist C (Nachos)

Grand Horny Toad [Arvada arcade mini-boss]

Poo-Tron 3000 [Arvada arcade mini-boss]

Skater 1 (Sticky Bun)

Innocent Mouse (Cherry Bomb)

Red Antoid (Cayenne Powder)

Neon Antoid [Giant Step boss]

Blue Antoid [Giant Step boss]

Bored Lawman (Quarter Pounder) [Arvada police station boss]

Captain Dunivan (Donut) [Arvada police station boss]

Pillow Fungus (Fancy Ketchup)

Morning Bat (Plumbing Boys Comic)

Gramma Gone Postal (Dominatrix Whip)

Slash [Golden Flea Market mini-boss]

Dental Floss Tree (Big Emerald)

Reverse Vampire (Silly String)

Flying Bowling Ball (Fancy Ketchup)

Drunken Pastor (Cherry Pie)

Golden Ram (Crystal Pepsi)

Potted Meat (Big Sapphire)

Snotty Scientologist (Crystal Pepsi)

L. Ron Hubbard [Hubbardtown boss]

Blue Ninja Duck (Cheese Sandwich)

Barney (Spray Cheese)

Jer Bear (Plush Pikachu)

Ice Fusion (Mega Mints) [Lilliput Steps boss]

Meatloaf Man (Can of Whoopass)

Mr. Oliveloaf (Dr. F’s Tonic)

Spaminator (Quarter Pounder)

Roving Gangsta (Can of Whoopass)

Garbage Roach (Donut)

Crazed Catnip 2 (Powerbar)

Rabid Dog (Sticky Bun)

Shifty-Eyed Dog (Diet Sweetener)

Spawn of Cthulhu (Bread Slice)

Spam (Piece of Jerky)

Gator 1 (Piece of Jerky)

Hobo Muppet (Aerosol Can)

Scavenging Bum (Chemico Medi-Tab)

Trashcan Blob (Donut)

Perfectly Normal Beast (Water Balloon)

Grinning Tent [Lakewood boss]

Tic-Tac Addict (Mega Mints) [Lakewood boss]

Green Antoid (Celery Stick)

Polygon Man (Big Sapphire)

Athlete’s Foot (Soy Sauce)

Captain Cheese (Spray Cheese)

Shell-less Snail (Chemico Medi-Tab)

Spinach Souffle (Fresh Spinach)

Buzz Buzz (Cherry Bomb, Nachos)

Aspik (Nachos)

Vile Food Man

Badass Blackbird (Can of Whoopass)

Gator 2 (Mecha-Termites)

Chewy Fly (Bacon Bits)

IguanaChik [Milky Well boss]

Spawn of Ungoliant (Sunscreen)

Heavy Metal Junkie (Antitoxin Kit)

Persistence of Memory (Piece of Jerky, Donut, Nachos)

Mutant Salmon (Aquafina TM)

Pugilant Picasso (Onion Rings)

Mustached Mist (Big Sapphire)

Mr. Jingles

Invisible Dude (Bug Warhead)

Hellhound (EMP Grenade)

Ugly Monkey Man (Dominatrix Whip)

Area 51 Escapee (Moldy Bread)

Pie Tin (Pie Tin)

Yellow Antoid (Big Mac)

Smoke39 [Arizona Desert mines boss]

Road Raging Cabbie (Soylent Green)


Mall Rat (Nachos)

Infestation Roach (Steroids)

Aljimo Operative [16th Street Mall boss]

Furby Snatcher (TNT Stick)

Evil Espresso (Hot Espresso)

Mr. DNA (Steroids)

Shelob (Crystal Pepsi)

Gizmonster [Jimo boss]

Clumsy Sentry Robot (EMP Grenade)

Dan Quayle [HinesCo Building boss]

Deadhead (Watermelon Hunk)

Katka-Bot Mk. 1.8 [Scotland sanctuary boss]

Godzilla (TNT Stick)

Smiley (Sugar Tablet)

Napalm (Cayenne Powder)

Golden Goose (Sack Lunch)

Rockin’ Guitar (Big Mac)

Militant Speed Sign (Moldy Bread)

Ferocious Flambé (Mega Mints) [Monaco museum mini-bosses]

Charybdis 1 (Sphere of Leetness) [Monaco ocean boss]

Recycleman (Chemico Medi-Tab)

Sewer Sludge (Pizza)

Sewer Rat (EMP Rifle)

ROFISH [Denver Museum sanctuary boss]

Old West Necktie (History Quiz)

Y2K Bug (Aquafina TM)

Scorpio (Aquafina TM)

Last Year’s Fruitcake (Soylent Green)

GuyInSummers [Tibet cave sanctuary boss]

Seuss’ Nightmare (Broccoli Balls)

Salvador’s Stopwatch (Fancy Ketchup)

Triffid (Peach Pie)

Cubic Zirconia Dog (Latte, Aquafina TM, Mug Root Beer, Antitoxin Kit, Filet Mignon)


Smiloid (Broccoli Balls)

Rebellious Redwood (School Lunch)

Fanged Peanut Brittle (Moldy Bread)

Tootanhkamen (Spiky Hair)

Professor Armuffin [Pyramid mini-boss]

Ramses XIII (Steroids)

Pile of Sod

Aljimo Chemist (Crystal Pepsi)

Rubik’s Cube (Crystal Pepsi)

Spud Boy (Photon Grenade)

Enraged Cat Food (Big Emerald)

Mr. Hemorrhoid (Diet Sweetener)

Trashman (Electronic Pikachu)

Musical Xmas Lights

Stinky Sardine (Broccoli Balls)

Crouton Kid (Standardized Test)

Phish (Blattco Heal-Tron)

Vomitous Food Man (Concrete Frisbee) [Amazon Rainforest boss]

Security Droid (Big Emerald)

Evil Award (Photon Grenade)

Aljimo (Cherry Yogurt)

Refueler (Crystal Pepsi)

Katka Bot MK 0.1 (TNT Stick)

Terran Collaborator (Spiky Hair)

Aljimo Supervisor (Big Emerald)

Very Foreign Ambassador [Stonehenge boss]

.dll (Crystal Pepsi)

Gourdy (Cherry Yogurt)

Aljimo Roboticist (Big Emerald)

Cobra (Phaser Design)

Bill Gates III [Dogcow Ranch boss]

Octorok (Sword of Qey’lis)

Hieroglyph Dude (Corn Dog)

Vastly Oversized Mutt

Boiler Bot (Big Emerald)

Blockhead (Corn Dog)

Googly Eye (Crystal Pepsi)

Googly Eyes (Chrome Shirt)

Peanut Butter [Lost Valley sanctuary boss]

Jelly [Lost Valley sanctuary boss]

Fungus Loving Freak 1 (Crystal Pepsi)

Fungus Loving Freak 2 (Crystal Pepsi)

Beorn (Honey Packet)

Screamager (Rhubarb Pie)

Clamato (Blattco Heal-Tron)

Pinocchio’s Evil Twin (TNT Stick)

Charybdis 2 (Sphere of Leetness) [Canals of Schlemm]

Jon’s Ego (Sphere of Leetness) [Canals of Schlemm boss]

Magnetic Robot (Magnet Beam)

Aljimo Marine (Big Emerald)

Bigtoe (Big Emerald)

Aljimo Biologist (TNT Stick)

Aljimo Geneticist (Crystal Pepsi)

Aljimo Invader

Leaky Hydrant (Photon Grenade)

Nemesis Prototype (Crystal Pepsi)

Aljimo Overlord (Sphere of Leetness)

Baron von Heimlich

Nemesis [ultimate boss]



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