Birthday Gifts / Presents in 2016!

This is a list of birthday gifts and cards that I received in 2016:

* Burger King hamburger and fries, a Vancouver Art Gallery pass which expires in April 2017, a hangout, and the oft-promised bottle of Club de Remy Martin cognac champagne on Sept. 14 (Eric H.)

* dinner at Boston Pizza on Sept. 17: a rare New York striploin steak, shrimp, BBQ chicken pizza, garlic bread, fries, carrots, yellow peppers, cucumbers, a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup (Mom, Dad, Steph N., Lisa N., Fraser N., Jon N., Harmony H., Ayler N., Hiero N.)

* a birthday card, 500g of jujubes, two purple funeral home candies, two funeral home striped mints, four tiny packs of Lee Kum Kee sriracha chili ketchup, a package of two Peek Freans LifeStyle Cranberry Citrus Oat Crunch cookies, two trial-size Crest ProHealth Clean Mint toothpaste tubes which expire in August 2017, a trial-size Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste tube which expires in March 2017, Dial coconut water body wash, a razor / tiny shaving cream tube / two toothbrushes / two tubes of Chinese toothpaste from the Fushin Hotel (I am not keeping those items!), Purell hand sanitizer (Refreshing Aloe Gel) with a visible expiry date of August 2017, a coconut and pear hydrating Burt’s Bees lip balm, a two-pack of NEW mandarin and tiara flower Dove soap, a GUM toothbrush, a 30g bottle of Pantene alcohol-free hairspray (I have NO USE for such a thing…), a light blue CX2 Sports fall jacket, and a white StormTech 2XL fall jacket from Mom and Dad

* an out-of-season JOY Christmas card with a reloadable London Drugs gift card (Jon N. / Harmony H. / Ayler N. / Hiero N.)

* a birthday card (Steph N. / Lisa N. / Fraser N.)

* dinner at Ebisu Sushi in Richmond on Sept 22: a DOUBLE DRAGON roll with spicy salmon sashimi (Chrystal C., Christon S., Eric M., Vanessa H., Kevin L., Laurie E.)

* a birthday card (Christon S.)

* a sweet plum reed diffuser and Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion from Bath and Body Works (Chrystal C.)

* lunch with Deb L. in the future on Oct. 14 (we went to IHOP for a noon brunch with Vicky L. – I had buttermilk pancakes with blueberry syrup and butter syrup / hash browns / scrambled eggs / two giant pork sausages)

* Canucks tickets for a game vs. the Sabres on Oct. 20, which we won 2-1! (Steph N.)

* a rather belated birthday lunch on Oct. 28 [I had stewed lamb hand-dragged noodles with Napa cabbage and woodear mushrooms, while she had Northern Pork Dumplings] (Auntie Catherine I.)


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