No more Softsoap body wash! / Udon! / Napoleon’s height is a dealbreaker!

PRODUCT WARNING: Vanessa convinced me that maybe it was my Softsoap body wash which was causing me problems down there, so now I’ve had to ban those from my apartment. We also talked about sushi and udon!

Kitty’s friend Gemma Wright added me to Facebook – okay, then! Barry picked me up at 11:30 to go food shopping today, but we also went to both banks. I bought NEW Prima Juzz Mee original spicy noodles from Singapore / NEW Prima Juzz Mee curry noodles from Singapore, Paldo King Lobster cup noodles (Fun and Yum!), on-sale NestlĂ© lemon iced tea, on-sale store brand cranberry-black cherry juice, on-sale store brand apple juice / mango juice / orange juice, JOY pork and vegetable dumplings, on-sale Cheemo potato and cheddar cheese perogies, Almond So Fresh almond milk x2 (apparently it wasn’t on sale like I thought!), NEW Assi Hot and Spicy Seafood udon noodles, and a replacement red shower pouf. I also purchased something nut-free for Thanksgiving Dinner (NEW Dare Ultimate Pumpkin Spice cookies won over lobster chips), Myojo Hot and Spicy Udon noodles, an on-sale Scotties Kleenex six-pack (6 x 126), NEW on-sale St. Ives sea salt and Pacific Kelp body wash (Renew and Purify!), shoyu tonkotsu Nissin noodles x2, XO seafood sauce Nissin noodles x2, on-sale Six Fortune broad noodles, on-sale Olympic yogurt x2 (vanilla / original), NEW Classic Caesar Kettle chips, a Mott’s Clamato with the “save 50 cents” coupon on the bag of chips, Tong Garden Party Snacks, and a Marie Callender’s Hearty Three-Meat Marinara microwaveable meal. An Asian woman butted in front of me in line, too!

Someone named Sara then tried to tell me that nobody is late to social engagements or fails to properly get in a groove because they have to pee 20 times a day, citing this as a “manufactured concern.” Nobody tells ME that my concerns are manufactured. They have not met me with what feels like a tiny bladder some days. Welcome to my Block List. Good riddance!

Western Family cranberry-black cherry juice!

Paldo King Lobster cup noodles! (Fun and Yum!)

Tong Garden Freshly Roasted Party Snack!

Dare Ultimate pumpkin spice creme cookies!

St. Ives Pacific salt and sea kelp body wash!

Myojo Hot and Spicy Udon cup noodles!

Assi Hot and Spicy Seafood udon noodles!

Juzz Mee Original Spicy Noodles!

Juzz Mee Curry Noodles!

Kettle Classic Caesar chips!

From Classical Art Memes: When you conquer half of Europe, but she still refuses to date you because your height is a dealbreaker.


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