Subway prime rib melt! / 1200 index cards! / A field guide to procrastinators!

I decided to go out in the bleh weather at 11:45 and treat myself to lunch somewhere since it’s my 40th birthday. Kevin emailed me to say that he can attend next week’s dinner, so that’s good. I decided to have a NEW six-inch prime rib melt on flatbread from Subway, but I ate it while standing up at the bus stop. That was a bit messy, so I washed my face as well as my hands when I got home. I also bought twelve (12) packs of on-sale half-price Mead index cards at London Drugs, too. Only 79 cents each as opposed to $1.50! Got home at 12:30 on a 401, so YAY for bus efficiency! I’ll have some Overwaitea Birthday Cake ice cream later, of course!

A field guide to procrastinators! The Cleaner: “Before I can start, I need to do some laundry. Then I have to sort my sock drawer, organize my music collection, and clean up my desk so I have room to work!” The Panicker: “Omg. Omg. Omg. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. I’M DOOMED!” The List Maker: “I shall… MAKE A LIST!” The Napper: *takes nap on the couch*

The Sidetracker: “Well, I need to work on the thing that is due tomorrow, but I just got the greatest idea for this other thing that is due next month! I’ll work on that first!” The Social Sharer: “Mr. Productive – Here is a picture of me not doing work! Hehehehe!” The Internet Researcher: “LOL. This video of a cat swimming in a kiddie pool of spaghetti is such a crucial part of my research.” The Snacker, looking in his fridge: “Just need a little snack…”

The Gamer: “Hold on! I’ll get to work after I take care of some things in my town. I just need to finish arranging some furniture, catch a bug, pull the weeds, and water my flowers!” The Watcher, while watching TV: “Right after this episode…” The Delegator: “Okay, them! Let’s split the work in half. One of you take one half, and the other takes the other half!” The Perpetuator: “Well, I was going to start 30 minutes ago, but now it’s getting a little late… so I’ll just have to start on it tomorrow!”


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