Richmond World Festival at Minoru Park! / Deer Garden! / Labor Day barbecues!

I found out that Richie and Sonya had both unfriended me on Facebook, probably some time ago. Coincidentally, they were both Calgary Flames fans from VCEFC! It’s okay, as we lost touch quite a while ago! Then I figured that it was time to put another blanket on the bed. Later, Mom called me at 2 to see whether I would like to go to the Richmond World Festival at Minoru Park, just when I was thinking about heading out there myself. Apparently, Jon and Harmony wanted to check it out with the kids later on. Mom told me that I could invite Eric Ho to my birthday party, said stuff about food trucks, told me about the Taiwanese Festival downtown (unlikely that I’ll go), and said that Dad didn’t want to take the Canada Line. Why not?! Then I did some Facebook album editing and tagging before heading out… I never said I’d be strictly on time, after all. 😉

When I saw Mom and Dad walking around the Minoru track, Mom wanted to buy me a $5 Nestlé vanilla caramel ice cream Drumstick; sure, why not? Dad thought I was overdressed in a sweatshirt and long pants, but I was fine with it, especially later in the evening when it got cooler. After seeing the opening ceremony (featuring the Olympian Evan Dunfee and a bunch of kids), we eventually went to the Deer Garden on Alexandra Road since Jon and Harmony and the kids were “running late.” I had sliced beef, sliced cuttlefish, mushrooms, cabbage, egg noodles, and hot banana peppers in a moderately spicy Malaysian laksa soup base. (plus some cold Hong Kong-style tea!) We talked about Havarti’s upcoming knee surgery, how I spent my time and money, Auntie Bessy / Auntie May / Auntie Vivian, Cousin Aaron getting married again, white Eric, and dropping me off at the library so I could walk to the playground near the ice arena where the kids would be. Hiero wanted to go up the slide as usual and pointed out the A on my Alaska shirt, while Ayler told me that I would be taking the train home (not true in this case!) and “no poke anyone!” We’ll see what happens the next time I see them! Harmony said that it’s pretty easy to get to their place now from the Canada Line, and Jon asked where we’d gone for dinner. We went our separate and opposite ways shortly afterward, and I was home at 8 with a quick walk across the park.

From Some Ecards: I would love to come to your Labor Day barbecue on my day off, but socializing feels like work to me.

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