Chunky Soup galore! / Curry Mee! / Zombies eating brains, so my ex is safe

Barry picked me up at 11:30 to go food shopping at Price Smart after going to both banks. I got on-sale beef and vegetable Good Taste dumplings, new on-sale white Colgate toothpaste (since my white toothpaste seemed to have a lot of air in it?!), on-sale Chunky Soup x 10 for $2 each (pepper steak and potato / seafood chowder x2 / chicken à la king / chicken noodle / prime rib with vegetables / New England clam chowder / chicken corn chowder / beef), on-sale Orangina, on-sale Silk almond vanilla milk x2, Always Mi Goreng noodles x2 (Perisa Kari Kapitan / Perisa Sambal Udang), and on-sale Shio Ramen. Also bought on-sale Curry Mee white curry noodles x2, white vinegar, Excel White gum x2 in the pink tub, Japanese curry udon noodles, Myojo hot and spicy udon noodles, on-sale NEW NUT-FREE Dare Bear Paws possibly for Fraser (banana bread / chocolate chip), on-sale store brand paper towels (for almost half-price!), on-sale organic Olympic mango yogurt, Secret black socks, and store brand white grape juice. When I got home, I had to do some creative banking again!

Just my fucking luck. Zombies eat brains, which means my ex is safe.

Whitening Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash! White toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, and 2 in 1!

Orangina pop!

Western Family white grape juice!

Shio Ramen instant noodles by Sapparo Ichiban!


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