No more Marine Drive Station / Ratatouille and nectarines / Dreaming I’m a taco

I left for Harmony’s at 3:30 with my Yogurt Mousse Ritter Sport chocolate, bought NEW on-sale peanut butter chewy Chips Ahoy cookies / NEW Lays Thai Sweet Chili chips / NEW Lays UK Cheese and Onion chips, and was surprised to find that I’d apparently time-travelled on the way to the house since the clock said it was 3:10. Once the kids got up from their nap (Ayler thought I would change?!), it was time to eat bran muffins for a snack before heading to Save-On Foods. Ayler now thinks it’s funny to kick me, although he does say “no poking anyone.” Hiero gave me a hug, which was nice, but then he also wanted me to pinch him while he was playing with his toy trains. Ayler wanted to go under “tunnels” constructed of the chairs in the kitchen, too. Hiero thought that there could be a garage door in his bran muffin – no! They both got a mini shopping cart at the store, and used them to varying degrees of success. Organic nectarines, prunes, coconut water, and more – oh my! Then we went to Tea Swamp Park for a bit, where Hiero poked a kid, and Ayler blocked the slide. They did learn the word “automatic,” though.

While we had ratatouille and nectarines for dinner, we discussed Chrystal / Broadway and Cambie restaurants / their impending move with Christon the engineer and Jeremy the distance person / Hiero’s bump on the head / packing / Alan and Liz with their kids Jeremiah and Clara / the Family Centre / her not knowing the precise directions to the new place. Hiero dumped a lot of coconut water into his ratatouille, while I had a bunch of purple cabbage from Sunday, then did the “morning thing” – oh well. I got home at 9:30 on a 407, which wasn’t too bad. No more waiting for the bus which goes to Marine Drive Station and comes only once every half hour! Then I checked my mail: I have to go to the ICBC place at Lansdowne near Toys R Us to renew my ID card / Medical Services Plan enrollment and get a new one in the next few weeks.

Guy in the Twoson theatre to Varik: “What were you dreaming about, anyway? Sometimes I dream I’m a taco…”

NEW Lays Thai Sweet Chili chips!

NEW Lays UK Cheese and Onion chips!

NEW peanut butter / original chewy Chips Ahoy cookies!

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