HOLIDAY HEX Enemies, #1-12!

These are all the enemies in the HOLIDAY HEX hack of EARTHBOUND. I used these Youtube videos as a walkthrough.

Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Small EARTHBOUND tile map:

Chill Mouse (Frosted Cookie)

Enraged Snowflake (Gingerbread Man)

Abominable Snowbear (Gingerbread Man)

Spirit of Ice (Hot Chocolate)

Subterranean Slug (Fruitcake)

Water Droplet (Fruitcake)

Stone Lizard

Lowly Grunt (Box of Peeps) [Silver Lake base mini-boss]

Attack Bunny (Easter Egg)

Ornery Hare (Cream Egg)

Vorpal Rabbit (Cream Egg) [mini-boss]

Omega Hare [final boss]


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