These are all the enemies I could find in the EARTHBOUND HALLOWEEN HACK by Toby Fox, AKA Radiation. This TV Tropes Wiki page served as a walkthrough.

Now that Varik has some spells under his belt, allow me to tell you about what was in that Monster Book. If you want to look at it for yourself, you should save before you do so – it’s really only good for one look. It basically tells you that nonliving objects are weak against Timestop, living enemies are weak against Sleepstun, and undead enemies are easily blinded by Whiteshock. Remember this, because those spells are going to come in handy very fast.

Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

Game Genie: F0EB-5FB0 (keep Buzz-Buzz or Tomato)

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Small EARTHBOUND tile map:

Candy High’d (Halloween Candy)

Pseudozombie (Bomb; rare enemy)

Frankensteam (Ruler)

Shadow Shrub [unbeatable; east of the Twoson bus station]

Blue Antoid [unbeatable; around Onett tunnel]

Stench Elemental (Toothbrush)

Super Doom Shroom [unbeatable; around Onett tunnel]

Kid-Eating Dinosaur [rare; Moldy Cap; near Threed tunnel]

Peer Pressure Puppet (Garlic Bagel; rare; near Threed tunnel)

Obsessive Recycler (Secret Herb)

Violent Vermin (Pair of Dirty Socks)

Putrid Poltergeist (Hawaiian Pizza)


Evil Ecto

Preemptive Scavenger

Desperate Survivor (Last Ration)

Remnants (PSI Caramel)


Ghostkin (Pumpkin Loaf)

Anxiety Attack (Teddy Bear)

Desire Dog (Tins of Cocoa)

Remember Me? (Sky Nectar)

NO x3 [Onett meteorite boss]

Dearkhart [Door #2 boss]

Psycho Psource (Magic Taffy)

Uberhaunt (Pumpkin Loaf)

Vladula (Psycho Pspirit)

Phaze Destrortur [Phase Distorter boss]

Transdimension Terminate (Fresh Egg)

Giegue League (Cocoon Pizza)

Brain Buster (Teddy Bear)


Id [final boss 1]

Dr. Andonuts [final boss 2]


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