FORENSIC FILES / Nachos! / Turning Lego! / Dr. Lee Popwell is a chiropractor?!


I left for Harmony’s at 8:10, and briefly stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart for some orange / green apple Palmolive dish detergent. There was no time to argue with the cashier that it was indeed on sale, so I just paid the $1 difference. WTF? I still got to the house at about 9:25, where the boys were having oatmeal, sausage, and cherries for breakfast. Jon has apparently been teaching the kids that I look like both Mom and Dad. I ate a bit of sausage and Ayler’s leftover oatmeal (plus a licked piece of toast), but I refused to eat Hiero’s leftover oatmeal after he spit his cherries in it. We eventually got to the jumping program at about 10:15 or so after Ayler refused to put on his new raincoat because Hiero’s new raincoat looked better (and wanted everyone to go out if Hiero could stay home by himself), and after Hiero refused to let me put on orange socks because they weren’t yellow. (well, I did put them on, but he cried a lot) Hiero didn’t say “climb ladder” for “abacus,” but called it by its proper name. I told Freya that I liked her idea of portable snacks in a container, Ayler and Hiero fought over a cushion, and we had bananas / mango / nectarines / oranges / lettuce from the garden for snacktime. At home, Hiero was easily amused and laughing at my turning two big plastic Lego blocks on top of one another. (“TURNING! TURNING! HAHAHA!”)

Ayler fell bum-down into the toilet because he was too fast for Harmony’s getting the toilet insert to fit over the seat first. We had cheesy nachos, grapes, cherries, and tomatoes for lunch – Hiero gave me a nacho chip, and Ayler was impatient for food. Harmony said that she and Jon are going to Quan and Gino’s wedding next week, and offered me one of Jon’s shirts since it was pretty wet out. Nah, I didn’t need it. Then I read the sequel to PRESS THIS when Hiero was around and interested. When I saw a creative-looking book, I picked it up to find out that Ayler’s preschool teacher had made a personalized yearbook with photos and writing (and birthday wishes!) for every kid in the class! Later, Ayler poked Hiero in the eye when Hiero wanted a block he was playing with. Afterwards, I went into his room to see him wanting to sit on the big blue ball. I left at 2, and got home at 3:05 on a 401.

Dr. Lee Popwell is a chiropractor?!


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