Not coming by / Sharon plans / Toilet slime neon ass / Doing mazes in the shower

Harmony emailed me yesterday to say that she might stay home instead of going to Hillcrest library because it could be wet outside today, according to the weather forecast. Jon called this morning at 8:40 to tell me not to worry about coming by; I just hope they have a rain plan for tomorrow’s birthday party. By that time, I’d already made email plans with Sharon to finally meet for lunch on Wednesday at the Richmond Centre food court elevators at 12:30, as she only gets 45 minutes for lunch. She says that God has been good because her mom is still alive – that’s great news! Joey G. tried adding me to Facebook via HAT TRICKS – DENIED because of my policy on not just recognizing names! Meghan T. added me via CRIMINALS, which is actually fine! I also decided to use Opera again to see if I’d eventually get a dark screen when trying to edit photos.

Edit at 11: Nope, no black screen yet after working for a few hours – YAY!

Adobe Flash Player – download this to copy and paste things on Photobucket!

Always show full URL in the Opera Browser address bar! Select Opera > Settings. Scroll all the way down until you find the “Show advanced settings” preference. Check the box, and you will notice that several new preferences become available. All preferences marked with a dot in front of them are considered to be advanced. Scroll up a bit until you find User Interface. Here, you need to enable the “show full URL in combined search and address bar” preference. The change becomes active immediately, and you will see full addresses at all times when you are using the Opera web browser.

From CFOX: Toilet slime neon ass?!

From Julie: Why would you do mazes or puzzle books while standing in the shower?! You’re wasting water, and some people don’t have the balance for standing in there anyway. Water makes things slippery in the tub; so do shampoo, conditioner, (body) lotion, soap, Nair, shower gel, and other grooming products! I’d rather do puzzles outside of shower time!


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