Church dream / Glass toilet / Daniel Noody being arrested for exposing himself?!

I had a dream where the VCEFC was meeting in an auditorium, and I sat in the row ahead of Erin and others. Then I noticed what was actually said in the green bulletin: Billy’s son Benjamin had died in a car accident, and then there was a paragraph detailing how certain ex-members were terrible. “Why did Pastor John leave the church? Why did Jesse Chan decide to go a further distance to worship at the Port Coquitlam EFC? Why did Stephanie and Leslie leave when their family is so well-known?!” I showed this to my sister, and we had the simultaneous reaction of “Why would you be so butthurt about this?!”

Although my sister wasn’t a member anymore, she’d been recruited by Nathan to help out with the singing. She yelled that Jessica Leung needed a microphone. Lisa came running in through the back because she had a question about baby Fraser, then almost everyone mistook an old Auntie Cathy for Pastor John, who had come back to investigate that paragraph in the green bulletin. Then I was going to go to a party at Daniel’s later on, but I judged that the increasing snow outside made that a bad idea, so I cancelled on him. What the heck, subconscious?!

When I got up, Steph had suggested getting together next Thursday, May 5. Sounds good to me! Then I decided that it was time to shower and do laundry.

From Rock 101: A see-through glass toilet! WHY?!

Daniel Noody is a school bus driver who was arrested for exposing himself?!

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