Lunch with Chrystal at Mucho Burrito! / Wine coming out of the sink!

I left at 12:55 to meet Chrystal at Broadway Station. Of course I had her birthday card, on-sale (fudge) Cadbury eggs for Easter, and on-sale President’s Choice chocolate bars (dark chocolate / milk chocolate with caramel pieces) for her birthday. I got there at 1:20, and had to wait for a while. Unlike Mike, I was patient! When Chrystal showed up, she thanked me for waiting, We went to Mucho Burrito near Broadway and Cambie, where I had a (steak) burrito bowl for the first time since the time I had one with Mike and Krista in the Chipotle at Bellis Fair Mall on December 8, 2014. Yay for effectively killing a memory dragon! She liked the stuff I got her, at least. We talked about her cousin being in town, Ayler, Hiero, Granville Island, Ayler liking numbers now, Erin, seeing Mike / Emily / baby Ethan regularly, her getting utensils and such for me, browsing the Broadway London Drugs (Aveeno!) later, Holy Crap cereal, walking around, the nice weather, and her meeting her parents at No Frills. After that, I went to get Robitussin cough medicine with a good expiry date of December 2017 / a toothbrush / 100 index cards / Oikos Greek yogurt (some of them had an expiry date of April 1?!) / an on-sale NEW Aero vanilla truffle bar / an on-sale NEW Aero milk chocolate truffle bar / a blue GOODY toothbrush holder from the #3 / Westminster London Drugs. I got home at 3:30 on a 407, which isn’t too bad.



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