Crosswalk signals, rose and lychee cake, Dick Swaab, zombie Jesus, Jesus and Dad

I went out to Mom and Dad’s at 5 with the card and Ritter Sport chocolate bars for Harmony’s birthday (Dark Chocolate with Marzipan / Cocoa Mousse) and the Lindt / Cadbury fudge Easter eggs for everyone. Harmony saw me on the 3 bus, but I couldn’t see her because of the sun in my eyes. Her grandpa is doing okay (but has been transferred to Richmond Hospital – across the street from me), their Seattle vacation went well (the kids loved the fake grocery store and wanted to take things home!), she thanked me for the chocolates and stuff, she hung out with a friend who has four kids born from 2012-2015 (!), and she hasn’t had too much sleep lately. I decided to go with Jon and Ayler, who held my hand all the way to Mom and Dad’s (and tried waiting for Hiero!) even though he didn’t necessarily have to. We had turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, noodles with cream of mushroom soup and enoki mushrooms, rose and lychee birthday cake, mango pudding (I fed Ayler a forkful of mine when he REALLY wanted some), gravy, some beer, grapes, yams, potatoes, tomatoes, and dragonfruit. Ayler is learning about traffic signals (“walking man! orange hand!”), and that clocks change numbers, so we literally watched the clock for a while. (he’s been on this kick since Wednesday or Thursday) Hiero wanted us to kiss the stuffed monkey and the stuffed giraffe when he wasn’t opening and closing the study door. Fraser liked looking at everyone (and my green bling sweater) while he tried yams and other food.

We talked about Ciel being in Singapore, Steph and Lisa’s trip to Oliver to see baby twins and their friends, Fraser’s pooping, Erin’s own twins and six-month-old baby Melanie (Erin misses home), Chinese Eric working a lot, Fraser crying because our yelling startled him, possible Saturday plans, Ayler wanting “opera” at a past family dinner, my new hard drive, leftovers, Ayler pulling his socks off (I gave them to Jon), white Eric, Jeremy, and Nathan giving me a ride to Broadway Station. He says that Danielle is doing well – I just want my friends to be happy doing whatever they like! I’m also glad that his dad is doing well. Vancouver played Chicago at 5 today, and lost 3-2. I got home at 9:05 on a 407, which is good. At 10, I called Chrystal at home to confirm that we were still on for tomorrow, but I was way too full to think about any lunch locations! We’ll meet outside the station, anyway.

Easter dinner:

Birthday cake:

Ayler enjoying the birthday cake:

Ayler willingly let Dad floss his teeth:

Dick Swaab?!

Don Glover = Dong Lover?!

David Seaman?!

Zombie Jesus: BRAINS!!!!!!!

From Reddit and Jim Benton: EASTER WITH DAD! God: “Hey, Jesus.” Jesus: “What.” God: “You know what would be a neat way to celebrate?” Jesus: “Dad.” God: “Chocolate bunnies.” Jesus: “Can you even see what’s going on here? I was crucified.” God: “And you nailed it.” Jesus: “DAD!”

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