DRAGON QUEST III SNES Enemies, #1-146!

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST III for the SNES. This walkthrough helped a lot – thanks, Stahlbaum!this enemy list and this enemy area document helped as well. Chronological Order: 3, 1, 2.

ZOMA CASTLE STAIRWAY: If you search the floor above the right throne (three squares up and one square left of the throne’s seat), you will find a set of stairs.

Notes to remember: The Staff of Force uses up your Magic Points at a rate of 3 MP per attack! DON’T USE IT IF YOU WANT TO CONSERVE MAGIC POINTS! The Wizard’s Wand (Noaniels or Samanao) is your best bet.

The Phantom Ship can be found near Romaly or Assaram. You can get the Sword of Illusion from Sabrina in Portoga after defeating Baramos… just go to the south side of town. The BeDragon spell works well for the Wizard in the final battle against the Master Archfiend Zoma.

Note: The Silver Harp summons enemies, and the Sage’s Stone provides free healing during battle! For the items codes, have those PLUS the Magic / Final Keys when you start the game! Gaia’s Pit is a cave surrounded by purple poison swamp, and is not an actual pit.

Revolving Tile Directions for the Tower near Kol: Head up the stairs to the second floor and go north. In the next room, you’ll notice two rows of strange tiles. These tiles alter the direction of your steps, so be careful. If you look closely, there are two different types of tiles: ones that are darker on the left and lighter on the right, and others that are lighter on the left and darker on the right. Walk east of these tiles to find another group of four. Stand on the bottom left tile and press UP, UP. You’ll now be in the center of the floor. In order to get to the treasure chests above you, step on the bottom left tile of the big group and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. This should take you straight up to the group of 4 treasure chests. Two of them are Mimics (the top right and bottom left). The other two contain a Full Moon Herb and 960G pieces. Now return to the center by standing on the far left tile and pressing LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. There are four more treasure chests to the south, so stand on the far left tile of the southern group and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. Open the chests here for some Acorns of Life, a Vitality Seed, and two more Acorns of Life! Nice! Now return to the center again by standing on the far left tile and pressing RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. Now walk to the right side, and stand on the bottom left tile of the group of four. Press DOWN, DOWN to get to the other side and you’ll see a staircase in the upper right corner. Take these stairs up to the next floor.

Head south on the third floor until you reach another set of stairs leading up. Take these and then walk north once you’re on the fourth floor. Soon, you’ll come to an area with some of those weird tiles on your left. Walk over to them and stand on the bottom right tile of the first group of six. Press UP, UP, UP to move to the left, and then on the next set, press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN to get to the treasure chest containing the Armor of Radiance. This is the best piece of armor for your Hero, so equip it on him.

Now fall down the pit and head south once you land on the floor below. Exit the large room you land in, and then go west down the hallway. Just follow this passage as it turns north and you’ll find a treasure chest at the very top corner (careful, it’s a Mimic). East of this chest is another group of strange tiles. The idea on these is to purposely fall off the edge of the tower to the north. So just step on the top tile and press RIGHT to fall off the edge.

This will place you right outside the tower on the first floor. Open the large door south of you and enter the tower again. Go west once you’re inside and up the stairs in this room. Head east on this floor and cross both sets of tiles by pressing DOWN, DOWN for both of them. Once you’re on the other side, walk up the stairs to the next floor and then up the next set of stairs. Now just walk all the way west to the last set of stairs to find yourself on the top floor.

DIRECTIONS FOR THE REVOLVING TILES IN ZOMA’S CASTLE: If you hate those crazy directional tiles, then you’ll despise this floor. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you despise it a little less by giving you directions. Head north from the stairs and when you get to the tiles, make a right to avoid them at first and head north onto a cluster of eight with 2 rows of 4. Stand on the bottom-left tile and press RIGHT, RIGHT. This should take you two steps north. Now step onto the tile directly above you and press RIGHT, RIGHT again. You’ll now be standing on a blank space surrounded by tiles. Step on the one to your left and press LEFT, LEFT. This will take you 2 steps north again. Step onto the tile directly above you and hit DOWN, RIGHT. Walk over the tile to the north by pressing RIGHT on top of it and then walk onto the tile to your left and press RIGHT. There should now be just one tile in your way above you. Step onto it and press RIGHT and you’re now free to take the stairs just north of you.

Basement boulder puzzle guide (for the Vase of Drought) in DW3 Eginbear Castle.

Raven (Medical Herb)

Slime (Medical Herb)

Horny Hare (Medical Herb)

Anteater (Leather Hat)

Froggore (Medical Herb)

Sting Wasp (Luck Seed)

Babble (Antidote Herb)

Trick Moth (Wing of Wyvern)

Catapila (Medical Herb)

Magician (Holy Water)

Almiraj (Leather Helmet)

Antbear (Medical Herb)

Venom Toad (Antidote Herb)

Dead Hound (Life Nut)

Killer Bee (Full Moon Herb)

Rabidhound (Wisdom Seed)

Bat Man (Sacred Knife)

Ravenger (Agility Seed)

Army Crab (Traveler Clothes)

Rogue Nite (Copper Sword)

Gas Cloud (Stamina Seed)

Venom Worm (Antidote Herb)

Shadower (assumes an enemy form in battle; the chest will be of that enemy)

Healer (Strength Seed)

Demonstool (Holy Water)

Henchman [boss]

Kandar Tower of Shanpane [boss]

Vampire (Luck Seed)

Deadstool (Wing of Wyvern)

Evil Moth (Poison Dagger)

Demonite, in Assaram (Wizard Ring)

Wild Ape (Strength Seed)

Catpire (Plush Suit)

Flamapede (Wisdom Seed)

Hell Crab (Bronze Shield)

Mummy (Holy Water)


Mummy Man (Pachisi Ticket)

Hork (Clothes)

King Toad (Spiny Whip)

Trick Bag (Stamina Seed)

Druid (Luck Seed)

Mad Jackal (Life Nut)

Tonguebear (Iron Spear)

Rammore (Leather Shield)

Nev (Pachisi Ticket)

Killer Ape (Wing of Wyvern)

Hunter Fly (Cloak of Evasion)

Magestool (Wing of Wyvern)

Heat Cloud (Luck Seed)

Kandar Baharata Cave [boss]

Executer (Poison Dagger)

Catula (Plush Suit)

Metally (Agility Seed)

Stingwing (Full Moon Herb)

Great Beak (Wisdom Seed)

Sky Dragon (Life Nut)

Garuda (Pachisi Ticket)

Mad Pecker (Agility Seed)

Barnabas (Traveler Clothes)

Snaily (Cypress Stick)

Man O’ War (Full Moon Herb)

Merzon (Strength Seed)

Merzoncian (Leather Hat)

Mad Condor (Pachisi Ticket)

King Squid (Life Nut)

Sea Slime (Wing of Wyvern)

Tentacles (Fighting Suit)

Tortragon (Iron Helmet)

Crabus (Shell Armor)

Shaman (Luck Seed)

Goategon (Strength Seed)

Aero Nite (Iron Armor)

Witch (Invisible Herb)

Zombie (Antidote Herb)

Blue Beak

Bruin (Strength Seed)

Ice Man (Magic Hat)

Ice Dragon (Life Nut)

Bighorn (Holy Water)

Eliminator (Chain Sickle)

Mimic (Demon Axe)

Deranger (Pachisi Ticket)

Lava Man (Yggdrasil Leaf)

Orochi in Jipang Cave [boss; Orochi Sword]

Orochi / Himiko [boss]

Kong (Life Nut)

Magic Hag (Invisible Herb)

Death Nite (Steel Armor)

Grizzly (Strength Seed)

Curer (Stamina Seed)

Skeleton (Steel Sword)

Voodoo Man (Yggdrasil Leaf)

Shadow (Spiny Whip)

Boss Troll Samanao Castle

Minidemon, on Phantom Ship (Misery Helmet)

Ice Cloud (Pachisi Ticket)

Bomb Crag (Life Stone)

Deathstalk (Iron Axe)

Troll (Club)

Hologhost (Pachisi Ticket)

Jewelbag (Flashy Suit)

Lion Head (Sorrow Shield)

Marauder (Agility Seed)

Evil Mage (Yggdrasil Leaf)

Stone Man (Terra Armor)

Tortralord (Luck Seed)

Parabird (Pachisi Ticket)

Metabble (Lucky Shoes)

Baramos [boss]

Red Slime (Medical Herb)

Kragon (Life Nut)

Merking (Magic Bikini)

Goopi (Iron Claws)

GrandTitan (Thor Sword)

Ghoul (Cloak of Evasion)

Troll King (Thor Sword)

Hydra (Yggdrasil Leaf)

Wing Demon (Sword of Seduction)

Archmage (Staff of Reflection)

Salamander (dragon) [Strength Seed]

Vile Shade (Life Stone)

Wyvern (Wing of Wyvern)

Skullgon (Strength Seed)

Magiwyvern (Magic Hat)

Darth Bear (Agility Seed)

Leona (Sorrow Shield)

Gold Man (Golden Claws)

Dragon (Stamina Seed)

Lionroar (Sorrow Shield)

Swordoid (Frost Blade)

Putregon (Strength Seed)

Voodoo Wiz (Poison Moth Powder)

Balrog (Magic Hat)

King Hydra [boss; Dragon Mail]

Barabros [boss; Sorrow Shield]

Barazomb [boss; Sword of Destruction]

Zoma, form 1 [boss]

Zoma, form 2 [boss]

Evil Crab (Giant Shears; in Sky World)

Dark Troll (Smart Book; in Sky World)

Baramevil (Mystic Nut; Sky World boss)

DemonSword (Double-Edged Sword; in Sky World)

Devil Wiz (Wizard Ring; in Sky World)

Gate Guard (Angry Tattoo; in Sky World)

Metal Wyvern (Lucky Shoes)

Ramia (Yggdrasil Leaf; in Sky World)

God Dragon (Strength Seed; Sky World boss)


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