Meeting Geoff, finally! / Loud Cambie / Ozzy Osbourne “No More Tears” shampoo!

I went out to meet Aaron, Kathy, and Geoff at Waterfront Station at 7, and I was still there half an hour before they were! The Canada Line was nuts! Luckily, I had a book with me as usual. Once Aaron, Kathy, and Geoff came through the train line, we walked to the Cambie while discussing our days. (I had seen a kid in a bright yellow Pekka Rinne Nashville Predators jersey at Brighouse in the afternoon) I’d forgotten that the place was pretty loud and crowded (and draining!), and we all had to be ID’ed and stamped at the door. We stood around for a while before Aaron wondered about seats, which Kathy and I eventually got at an occupied table. There were a lot of people in costume, which Aaron explained was from the rugby games earlier. Geoff appreciated my coming out, said it was nice meeting me, and says he didn’t expect me to go to Langley’s Willowbrook Mall tomorrow!

Eventually, we all went next door to the Pub 340, where at least you could hear yourself think AND talk at the same time! Kathy said she could smell lilies, but all Aaron and I could smell was cigarette smoke! Aaron talked about the time that John had come here last summer – he and I discussed some of the events of that night, Wes, Mandy sitting on people’s laps, her being distraught about her ex Dan, beers, shots, no food because the kitchen was closed, Carol, Julian, and nachos. Kathy was still surprised that I’d eaten that whole plate of nachos that night at The Charles, but I’d been hungry. The Canucks played the Predators at 7 tonight, and won 4-2. Aaron showed me a couple of Jim S.’s messages to the Canucks Fan Chat, which were characteristic of him. Then we talked about the “odd” Jim P. (Aaron noticed that I’d rolled my eyes at his mentioning him), Darren S. (sending him a link at 1 AM his time is enough for an insult-filled tirade?!), their plans for the rest of the night (seeing one of Kathy’s exes), WALKING DEAD, Kathy recognizing an ex from thirty years ago yesterday (time does change how people look…), Holdom Station, Broadway / Commercial, the maze to the Steam Works bathrooms, and being absorbed in your own thinking. After saying goodbye at Waterfront at about 10, I got home at 11 on a 401, and the Canada Line was STILL standing-room only all the way up to Brighouse as it had been in the morning in the opposite direction!

Ozzy Osbourne and “No More Tears” shampoo from Johnson and Johnson!

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