There’s an A in Alaska! / Shamrock Shake, Dick Stiff, Tonya Gooch, Titi Pierce

I left for Harmony’s at 4:25 (just managing to get the 401), and got an on-sale bottle of orange Palmolive dish detergent at Shoppers Drug Mart before showing up at the house after 5:20. Mom gave me a bunch of candy, a small non-stick wok, and two toonies after a snacktime of expired Hardbite carrot chips / yogurt / oatmeal / raisins / strawberry and banana slices. Dad implied that Ayler was kissing his friends at preschool when he took out Holly’s family book to tell him that these were the people he could kiss, not other kids! Ayler kept playing with the phone after hitting Dad just before he left because Harmony was home. He pointed at my dark Alaska shirt and said “A” – he’s getting smarter! Hiero wanted to kiss the kids on the RESP pamphlet, and do “sleeping bunnies.” Ayler fell and hit his head on the table while restarting the CD player and sitting backwards on the armchair, so he was obviously upset and crying a lot. Hiero wanted to climb on the couch, of course. Ayler said “Auntie ride bus home soon” and “Auntie sit here,” and still liked when I grabbed his foot. He did a TITANIC impression when he stretched his arms out while standing on the armchair, too.

When I left the house at 8-ish after a chicken / mushrooms / rice / beans dinner, I went to London Drugs. I lucked out on a Cottonelle toilet paper sale which expires tomorrow, so I got one 24-pack. Then I decided to go to McDonalds to try a Shamrock Shake, which is just sweet enough for me – I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case for a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, which I’d have to give away to someone else or throw out because it would be way too sweet for me. I got home at 9:40 on a 407, which wasn’t that bad.

From Julie and JUDGE JUDY: Dick Stiff?!

Tonya Gooch?!

Titi Pierce?! (pierced tits)


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