Gaye has balls! / Chick King, the shuttle bus driver being Hung, Munchie Legaux

I left for Harmony’s at 8:40, and just managed to miss all my connections! When I did finally get to the house at 9:40, the boys were on the couch and armchair. Ayler tore the CD cover for Jon’s Vivaldi CD, while Hiero wanted to copy his brother in jumping up and down where he was sitting. Harmony told me that she and Ayler had gone to a play at Granville Island (“Under bridge! Singing doggies!”) on Monday after Steph and Fraser had dropped by on their way to a baby study at UBC. Unfortunately, he went into his “[grandparents] home!” routine with fifteen minutes left to go. At the jumping program (Ayler held my hand when he walked partway there – we pointed out daffodils / the hospital / puddles), we got the entire tennis court to ourselves since the hockey players weren’t around. Of course Ayler and Hiero splashed in puddles even after being told not to! At least they seemed to have fun, although Hiero kept saying “no.” Ayler hugged Gaye a few times, too. Harmony said a weird sentence: “Gaye has balls!”

Later, we had tofu blocks / KAMUT rice cakes / noodles / mushrooms / chicken soup / bananas / eggs / veggies for lunch. I really dislike peeling eggs! Yes, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are more of a snack than a meal. Harmony wondered if I’d invited Chinese Eric to her birthday meal on the 27th – I did send him an email! Her parents liked Iceland, and are going away again to Europe for a family thing in April, when my own parents are going away to Taiwan. However, Harmony and Jon are going to Seattle for a family trip in a couple of weekends, which at least seems doable! (we also discussed taxes – she gets her aunt to do hers) She said that Hiero had fallen out of his crib and hit his head on the floor, but seemed okay afterwards. I got home at 2:40 on a 407, so that was very efficient for leaving just before 2 AND stopping by the Wonderbucks to get two more giant bag clips with four loonies in my change! It helped that I just managed to get the 25 when I thought I’d miss it because of a traffic light! Luckily, someone helped me with the Compass Card machine; I’ll need to know how to PRESS IT AT THE BOTTOM in a month when all the fare gates close! Vancouver played San Jose at 7, and won 4-2!

Chick King?!

Your shuttle bus driver is Hung?!

Munchie Legaux?!

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