No JEEP socks! / No broccoli! / Mr. White as a chemistry teacher?! / Math boxes!


I left for Harmony’s at 4:20, and just missed a bunch of 401 and 407 buses, so I had to walk all the way to Brighouse Station, which was more exercise than I’d been planning on. Then I went to Kingsgate Mall to get another pair of T-Max Heat thermal socks at Mark’s Work Wearhouse, and on-sale store brand Life pomegranate body wash and on-sale store brand World of Flavors Sriracha / Loads of Barbecue chips at Shoppers Drug Mart before going to the house. I browsed Snack Land for a few minutes (so many flavors of Green and Black organic chocolate for $4 each!) before going to the house, where Dad said that they thought I was lost (I had stuff to DO beforehand!) and Mom gave me $3 in change. Hiero showed me Sophie the squeaky giraffe, while Ayler tried out his new words “oval” and “connect.” Later, Hiero wanted to see if I could give him breastmilk through my sweater – nope, it doesn’t work that way!

We called Steph for her birthday, and the kids both said a few things like “Havarti” and “baby Fraser crib” and “Auntie Stephanie.” Then we had cauliflower / broccoli / cheese casserole (which the kids weren’t into) with mango pudding for dessert. (the kids had cashew nuts / kiwi / yogurt instead) I’d been so hungry that I ate a couple of Breton original crackers while Ayler was busy with changing the CD or starting it over. We played with the toy trains, made ovals and circles with the train tracks, and played with the emotion eggs for a bit. No, the colored little egg stands are not for eating! We talked about cheap Valentine’s Day candy – Harmony hit up Shoppers Drug Mart today (as evidenced by the toilet paper she brought home), and will try again tomorrow. I’ll have to try it tomorrow myself because of monetary reasons! Hiero went up on the couch, and opened and closed the clicky things on Jon’s guitar case. Ayler liked the guitar on the Buddy Miller CD, and could only stand thirty seconds of the Cure CD even though most of that was silence! I left at 8:25, and just missed the Brighouse train into Richmond when I finally got to King Edward Station. When I got into Richmond, I bought four more Gillett’s bar mop towels before finally getting home at 10 on a 407.

Gillett’s bar mop kitchen towels!

Gillett’s bar mop cloths!

Mr. White is a chemistry teacher, like Walter White on BREAKING BAD?!

Math boxes! “Write the “greater than” symbol or the “less than” symbol.” This kid interpreted the directions to mean “just write OR in the blank space”!


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