Not Always Right being viewable! / Cookies! / Potato-like men are Angie’s type!

Gotta split this up into separate posts! Before I left for Harmony’s at 8:30 yesterday morning, I discovered that Not Always Right / Not Always Working / Not Always Romantic / Not Always Learning / Not Always Friendly / Not Always Related FINALLY got rid of all the buttons for Facebook / Twitter / other sites on the left side of their websites. Now I can go to all those sites regularly again without the social media buttons obscuring the stories, like I’d complained about last February 3! There are also new comments sections, too – YAY! I didn’t care if we went to the park, braved the bus and rain to get to Science World, or stayed home to make cookies. It turned out we stayed home and made cookies until Harmony’s co-worker came over to get some diapers from her. Then we discussed rice, juice, brushing teeth, flossing, carrots, eggs, flour, melting butter, baking soda, recipes, going out to splash in puddles at the park, my treats of the leftover Icy Squares, Ayler and Hiero biting the Memory Mate cards, Ayler eating the raw flour and salt and ingredients, Holly hosting Hiero’s second birthday party, Harmony’s co-worker having a concussion (she lives by herself as well), Hiero and Ayler picking up vocabulary like “corn” and “baby,” Jon saying that the boys seemed intrigued by baby Fraser on Friday (they did pat him gently on the head), and the boys hugging me and holding my hand. When I left the house, I bought happy face and star stickers / on-sale Maltesers / on-sale green tea Kit-Kats (October 4, 2014) / London Lights CFL light bulbs from London Drugs before going home.

From Julie: Quack quack, motherducker!

In the more modern Tazmily bakery, Caroline’s daughter Angie says “Potato-like men are my type” to Lucas and Boney.


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