What I gave for Christmas 2015

What I gave for Christmas 2015

* lots of cards and stuff for my real-life friends! (Steph / Lisa, Eric Ho, Chrystal, Eric M.)

* lots of online wishes! (JBook, Carol A., Lisa D., Alexander R., Ellen C., Ellen W., Josephine S., Willem L., Josh A., Eni M., Dawn W., Phil Y., Grace Y., Maxine F., Brett L., Gretchen L., Cathy B., Cathy W., Teresa L., Julie S., Ruthy M., Danika H., Corey T., Christine B., Kathy S., Chris W., Fosa W., Benedict F., Kenny Z., Spoz, Brian Pluhowy, Bryant W., Elaine S., Dorna R., Billie E., Mike A., Sabre S., Eve M., Vanessa H., Jessica Lai, Andrew M., Ryan M., Kitty B., Ryan B., Steven W., Matt A., Brandon M., John P., Mike T., Ian M., Jennifer S., Jemima M., Dustin R., Michelle S., Mikki M., Amanda L., Julian S., Tracie, Vicky S., Cecilia M., Amanda K., Audrey I., Pete C., Trevor C., Nita F., Vern D., Deanna H., Jim S., Candy B., Chun Wai C., Katherine H., Wesley V., Janina P., Katrina R., Karen Law, Mike B., Jessica G., Jenny L., Holly L., Alice Cooper, Alex L., Sabrina K., Sara H., Dylan L., Deb L., Vicky L., Jehosh)

* a reply to Elizabeth M.’s Christmas email

* a Christmas email to Mandy D.-R.

* ANGRY BIRDS Advent Calendars and 400g of Waterbridge Ice chocolate squares for Steph and Lisa, being better value than Almond Roca for the same price

* Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Shoots and Scores (Uncle John’s Series), an ANGRY BIRDS Advent calendar, and 342g of Cadbury Fingers for Eric Ho

* 100g of Brockman’s hazelnut Truffini for Ayler and Hiero

* 250g of Waterbridge Belgian chocolates and Moritz Icy Squares for Chrystal

* an ANGRY BIRDS Advent calendar, 250g of Waterbridge Belgian chocolate seashells, and Moritz Icy Squares x2 for Jon / Harmony

* a 150g box of After Eight dark and white chocolate mints for white Eric

* Christmas card for Julie S. (julie709)

* Christmas card for Kelli E. (neonrose5)

* Christmas card with bonus birthday card for Deanna H. (endlessblush)

* Christmas card for Kimberly W. (mo_love_99)

* Christmas card for Live S. (blackballoon)

* birthday card for Nyani (browngirl / rubynye)

* Richmond Public Library website for Heather from Glasgow (jadedlioness)

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