Flowers! / New Sharpies, felts, and bowls! / Jenova: “Beacause you’re a puppet!”

Harmony emailed me yesterday to see if I could make it today – yup, that sounded fine to me! I managed to get to Shoppers Drug Mart at 8:45 or so to get new Crayola felts, new Bic Sharpies (which I haven’t bought since 27 March 2013), and pink Excel White gum x2. The stationery is now by the post office at the back of the store! Thanks to just managing to get the 25 bus, I was still at Harmony’s in enough time to see Jon going off to work. Ayler showed me a new yellow dump truck, and a simple Christmas tree up on the wall with peelable ornaments. He’s starting to understand the concept of “soon,” saying “Silent Night soon” and “Santa coming soon.” He’s picked up the words “alligator,” “parrot,” “monkey,” “upset,” and “start over,” while wanting me to administer his medicine and do his zippers / bib / sleeping clothes / leg warmers / socks / jacket. Hiero has picked up the words “flower” and “arm” (from the Mr. Potato Head toys) and still likes to smell / bite my socks.

When we went out for a walk, Ayler held my hand and led us to Mom and Dad’s place, but they apparently weren’t home. Instead, we went to the nearby playground! We discussed the family’s stomach flu this week, next week’s dinner, Lincoln and Karen Lew’s new baby Ryan at the mall, “big” being Hiero’s only adjective so far, Melia not having her baby quite yet, organic applesauce, the kids vomiting a lot (and my parents having to do a lot of laundry – including five sheets in one night!), eggs / bread / fried onion / banana / (barley) congee / coconut water for lunch, my distracting Hiero with bristle blocks, the preschool Christmas party, gingerbread, stockings, and Ayler jumping around in his crib. At least both the kids had fun playing on the playground and with me!

After I left the house, I went to London Drugs to get two big replacement on-sale Corelle microwaveable bowls, two medium replacement on-sale Corelle microwaveable bowls, Old Dutch sriracha chips, and big Ziploc bags. I got home at 4 on a 407, and discovered that I should have bought one more medium bowl and two more big ones for full replacement purposes. Since I can technically afford that with the early January cheque coming in, I should go do that on Monday – but maybe I should call the Broadway store first to see if they’re still in stock before I go since the next shipment to the #3 / Westminster store apparently won’t come for a while. I also discovered that Judy M., Marko, and Tamara I. had unfriended me on Facebook; okay, then!

Here’s another infamous spelling error in FINAL FANTASY 7! After Aeris’ death, Jenova says to Cloud, “BEACAUSE you’re a puppet!”

Here’s a photo of Tamara!

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