2015 Year In Review

Meme fun: Take the first line from the first post of every month of the year. Repost it here as your year in review. (I’m discounting greetings and things like that :P) Yeah, it’s been an interesting year!

2015 Year In Review

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of the year. Post the first line of it in your journal as a paragraph, and that’s your “Year In Review.”

I threw away Mike’s black soap dish with soap on it / the brown Value Village steampunk jacket (which I perhaps should have kept) / the LIFE cough medicine which only Mike had used. Eric Ho came here to watch the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, but the Canucks played the Wild first at noon, which ended up being a 4-2 loss. Today, I met a little Chinese BOY in Awana whose name is ABBY?! At least I don’t have to deal with anyone trying to switch salt for the sugar in my coffee this year (1 April 2014), although I’d known what was up at Lynn’s because Mike tried wheedling me into having a rare coffee “just this once.” I went to Superstore and Big Crazy like Michael and I did exactly a year ago today: there was nothing for me at Superstore, but I bought pork and vegetable dumplings / Nissin XO Sauce Seafood noodles x4 / Seafood Medley x2 at Big Crazy. I dreamed of Dad telling me about TORCHWOOD, while someone else made me a bamboo / egg / ham tortilla as cheerful music played in the background.

I went to The One Café at 9 for the first time since October 14, 2014 – I had ribeye steak, honey lemon tea (when I wanted milk tea), and spaghetti. I met Carol Atkins, Sabrina Kaine, her friend Nigel Balgobin, Eve May, the notorious Pittsburgh Penguins fan John Powell from New York (Rangers fans HATE HIM!), Wes Jack, Mandy Canuck, Aaron Cunningham, Kathy Scott, and her son Julian at the Pint on Abbott Street downtown last night. Steph called to say that tomorrow isn’t going to work for my finally meeting baby Fraser. I went to the pharmacy next door to refill my birth control prescription at 3:35. I went out in the rainy weather at 3:10 to buy 70 on-sale Hershey’s snack-size bars (Almond Joy / Whoppers / Milk Duds), Russell Stover Candies assorted fine chocolates, a Ritter Sport cornflakes bar, on-sale Theo Chocolate organic fair trade chocolate bars (coconut and orange), a birthday card for Jon, and an AERO Canada peppermint bubbly chocolate bar from London Drugs… then I got home at 3:40! I went out at 2:40 today to mail Christmas or birthday cards to Julie (julie709), Kelli (neonrose5), and Deanna (endlessblush) at Shoppers Drug Mart’s post office.

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