Apple core, Maisie, open doors, Yo La Tengo / Knights doing it two-handed!

This morning, I got to Jon and Harmony’s at about 9:15 or 9:20, early enough for Jon to let me in on his way out. Hiero said bye to him two or three times before Jon actually left, haha. Ayler gave me his bib as usual, and did want to “find yo-yo! find big ice cream! find big duck!” before we walked to the jumping program. He also wanted to draw with the egg-shaped crayons, but there wasn’t too much time for that. I noticed that his artwork was put on the walls, while Hiero wanted to play with a musical toy which he knew how to turn on and off. Hiero later wanted help with the Mr. Potato Head blue ear, and associated it with our own ears. At the program, Ayler was upset for some reason, but Hiero had a reasonable amount of fun exploring (bay) leaves / kale / sticks / a vegetable garden / Play-Doh / worms / toy bikes while holding my hand and babbling. Unfortunately, Ayler was crying a lot and wanted to go home early, so I gave a pear to Teacher Gaye while letting her know about this.

On the way home, we stopped by a local bakery to buy bread and a chocolate chip cookie, which I saved for later. We discussed Dave and Tiffany being in Paris and being safe in the terrorist attack last night, Pastor John and Karmie homeschooling their kids (who all seemed to turn out okay), some homeschooled kids turning out weird in terms of socialization, the role of teacher AND parent, Sweden exploring nature, baby Fraser, Harmony wanting to have a close relationship with the kids (nothing wrong with that), the kids’ fevers and colds last week, the kids still coughing, her doing the Myers-Briggs test at work (she’s an ISFJ), mushrooms, congee, Hiero liking apple cores (“apple core!”), ramen, casseroles, Jon making homemade granola, bristle blocks, my socks, and my returning Jon’s shirt later just in case some food smearing happened at lunch today. (it didn’t) Ayler put on and took off some socks, said “Yo yo teh-yo!” for “Yo La Tengo,” and wanted to play with the alphabet cards without letting Hiero have any. Dad dropped by briefly with laundry. Ayler wanted Harmony to leave “door open!” while he took a nap, but doesn’t do that when Jon’s around.

When I left, Maisie saw me while getting off the 99 bus when I was in line to get on. Being me, I was too focused on my own stuff to say anything, unlike the last time I saw Maisie on on April 11. Later in Richmond, I decided to buy milk at London Drugs to replace the one which solidified on Thursday. I couldn’t find my wallet, and my Royal Bank card chip couldn’t be read in the debit machine for some reason, but I was lucky because my Coast Capital card had some money left on it. I got home at 3:30 on a 401 in time for the Canucks playing the Leafs at 4, found my wallet in the small London Drugs bag (I evidently forgot to transfer it between bags on Thursday afternoon – I thought I might have left it at Harmony’s initially), and despite coach’s challenges and a penalty shot, the Canucks lost 4-2. Fiann also got snippy and cranky about my score updates again – I don’t care, as I do what I want. Scott and Angela said that they needed them, anyway. So there! 😛

Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris make it to the Carwen pub in FINAL FANTASY V. After playing the piano, they meet this guy: “Knights do it two-handed! … Hic!”

Go home, Google – you’re drunk! “I hate it when a dinosaur steals my chair.” “I hate it when a dinosaur throws bananas at me.” “I hate it when Adolf Hitler steals my Nutella.”

Ten lazy rules!

1. The farther away the remote is, the more you like what’s already on TV.
2. If you have to say something more than once, it’s not worth the energy.
3. If you spill water, it will eventually dry.
4. I’ll tell you later!
5. Don’t charge your phone till it says 5% remaining.
6. Screw the “Terms and Conditions.” Just hit Accept.
7. If it’s not on the first search page on Google, it doesn’t exist.
8. Why make your bed when you’re just going to get in it again…
9. If you are late, don’t go. (my favorite!)
10. If you drop the ice cube, just kick it under the fridge.

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