No more TrollXChromosomes, Pabst beer, Dick Weiner, Gizmo, trolls, tacos

I discovered that I was banned from TrollXChromosomes AGAIN. I don’t care, however – the proper and normal response to someone asking you and your boyfriend whether you’re married yet is “No.” You refer to him as your boyfriend, not your husband, so you KNOW that you’re not married. You don’t turn to him and ask whether you’re married! (except maybe if a kid asks you – that would be acceptably cute)

I don’t care if his response of grabbing your hand and saying “not yet!” made her happy. THAT’S NOT HOW THINGS ARE DONE. If I were there, I’d wonder whether the girl was perhaps a bit challenged. Save the cutesy crap for IN PRIVATE! Being REALISTIC is better than being happy for a weird interaction like that! (although Alicia referred to Scott as her husband when they weren’t married yet… and poly, to boot!) So of course I had to delete a lot of stuff on all my Reddit accounts this morning!

I showered and did laundry before the Canucks played the Devils at 2 today; the game went to overtime and ended in a 4-3 loss. đŸ˜¦

Why men are not allowed to take messages: “Someone from the Gyna Colleges called. They said the Pabst beer is normal. I didn’t even know you liked beer.”

Dick Weiner?!

Anass Rhammar?!

Dr. Jack Kanoff?!


Troll dolls at Ardene in Richmond Centre!

As seen on the Whisper app: “I can’t promise you the world, but I can promise to touch your butt and buy you tacos!”

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