New Outlandish Companion #2 and Bathroom Reader #28! / Dinesty! / Smoothies!

Steph emailed me after the game last night to say that they were having lunch with the lards at Dinesty today at 11:45. I accepted because then I could see baby Fraser! I just managed to get the 401 at 11:15 in the rainy weather, then decided that I had enough time to go to Richmond Centre so I could get Uncle John’s Factastic Bathroom Reader #28 (Bathroom Readers’ Institute) and The Outlandish Companion Volume Two: The Companion to The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Diana Gabaldon) for myself at Indigo Spirit because I am a CONSUMER WHORE. I’d called them yesterday so I could put those books on hold, and I was surprised that the Bathroom Reader had been in the store for the past month! That was a lot of walking for me, but I’m glad I got the books! Then I was at Brighouse in time for the 410, so I just bused one stop. (I could not have walked over to the restaurant) I was the first one there even though I was technically ten minutes late! I had to call Steph and Mom using the restaurant’s phone: Dad was late because of car keys and forgetfulness. Good thing I killed time by going to the mall beforehand, even though I was technically late once I exited the bookstore!

Eventually, we all got together: Steph, Lisa, baby Fraser (who smiled at me when he was awake and deciding whether to cry or not), Ayler, Hiero, Jon, Mom, and Dad. We discussed last night’s game, my new wallet bag, the preschool trip to the pumpkin patch, Brad’s busy sightseeing schedule, the Seattle trip, beef, hot and sour soup, dumplings, Shanghai noodles, SIU LONG BAO, Steph thinking of my convenience when meeting for family lunches, Jon being surprised that I contributed $10 for lunch (it was a good deal!), a cruise, Hiero pointing at us, feeding Ayler (“Auntie here!” “No beard!” “HI!”), Ayler sharing food from his mouth (no thanks!), and eating a lot of cheese. When I got home at 1:25 after just managing to get the 401 at London Drugs, I called Chrystal to confirm that we were still on for tonight. I fielded a small group email from Jason – no, I don’t need a ride tonight to the Ironwood McDonalds! Then I did some creative banking to ensure that I had enough money in my chequing account to auto-transfer to my savings account in a few days.

Raspberry-strawberry yogurt smoothie from Midwest Dairy!

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