Misuse of LITERALLY makes me figuratively insane! / Crayon fun! / Fraser!

This afternoon, I left at 5:35 and got to Boston Pizza at about 6. Steph, Lisa, and baby Fraser showed up soon afterwards – we got potato bites, and talked about Harmony being rude and late, Ayler pinching me last Tuesday (I did say “NO PINCHING!” since his parents aren’t big on reprimands), iced tea, Ayler sharing food with us, Ayler painting, and Chelsea’s birthday party today. (plus Lisa’s co-worker’s baby party today) I got $20, a religious birthday card with Proverbs 15:13 on it (ripped up and thrown out later), one of Grandma’s jackets, Mid-Autumn festival mooncake, and Fettuccine Alfredo / Creamy Bacon Carbonara Sidekicks in a Soft-Moc bag from Mom and Dad. Steph and Lisa got me a birthday card which said “Misuse of LITERALLY makes me figuratively insane” – Lisa was right because I *did* love it!

Mom and Dad got there later – we talked about Auntie Christine, Margaret, Karen Grace, Ruth coming into town on Wednesday, Brad coming into town from Oct. 19 to the 30th (when the Canadiens are playing the Canucks), Jon and Harmony being there later than 6:30, Ayler saying “Auntie here! HOME! Help. Cheese!” to us, and Hiero being generally hyper. Hiero was looking at the TV screen for sure, since he doesn’t get to do that at home. He reached out for my hand and took it, saying “WHEE!” Ayler kind of colored in a coloring book, but was more interested in playfully pretending to drop a crayon down the back of his shirt. At least I got home at 8!

Misuse of “literally” makes me figuratively insane!

Sisters at Boston Pizza!

Family at Boston Pizza!

Steph with Harmony and the nephews!

Here’s a lot of people!

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