Let’s put socks over our arms! / MegaLounge?! / NO PROBLEM IN A BURNING SHACK?!

I left at 10:45, just missing a 401, but managed to get to Harmony’s at 11:40, thanks to just managing to get the 25 and 3 buses. Good thing that they got home from their walk at about 11:20! Ayler wanted to show me his orthotics right away (“Auntie here!”), but I had to wash my hands first. He asked me for help in an understandable fashion, was creative in putting his socks over his arms, then made a game out of taking his pants out of a drawer and putting them on the floor. There were Mr. Potato Head parts strewn all over the floor because of Hiero, who was being silly by putting one of them through a drawer handle. Ayler’s been having fun by painting his arms all over in preschool every day, which he wasn’t interested in until the teacher asked him if he’d like to try it. Hiero is just hanging out, which is what he’ll do at the Saturday program for three-year-olds that Harmony is looking into. Ayler somehow managed to make the music CD go off at 2 AM for a couple of nights in a row until Jon figured out how to stop it. “Why is the music going off in the middle of the night?!”

We had pork, chicken, beans, fish, noodles, purple bread, cherries, grapes, cheese, water, and milk for lunch. Harmony and I discussed baby Fraser’s dinner at Ningtu, Christon’s dinner, Hiero saying “Mommy” / “door” / “blocks,” medicine, bibs, naptime, the picture album of Ayler’s preschool, her being late to tomorrow’s Boston Pizza dinner because of seeing a movie with her parents, and yesterday’s hangout with Eric Ho before I left at 2 after saying bye to Ayler. (“Auntie home!”) I found 85 cents on a bus stop bench at Brighouse, so of course I took it. FREE MONEY! Got home at 3:15 on a 407 to blog, shower, and do laundry in time for the hockey game against the Flames at 7, which the Canucks lost 4-3 in overtime. I also discovered that I have been promoted on Reddit to the MegaLounge, and that the access NEVER runs out, unlike the regular Lounge and Reddit Gold!

In early MOTHER 3, Flint is in Lighter’s burning shack to rescue Fuel. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THERE’S NO PROBLEM HERE?!

Reddit MegaLounge flair:

Reddit MegaLounge bling:

Reddit MegaLounge with the New Post Sword, and its gold reply envelope and orange reply number:

Reddit First World Problems supports a Stephen Colbert charity:

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