Music class, Ayler saying “Daddy” / “HI” / “aunt,” Leap Frog, tofu scramble

At least I got out of the house this morning in plenty of time to catch the bus to Brighouse; there was no way that I’d catch the Canada Line train just pulling into the station. I killed a few minutes at Shoppers Drug Mart (which had just opened at 8 AM), buying on-sale Coffee Crisp and Mars bars for everyone. It was a good thing that I got to the house at 9 after checking out Hasty Market, since Jon had just put Hiero down for a brief nap. Ayler seemed happy to see me, and tried giving me his blueberries and showing me his raisins at the bottom of his milk. He pointed at Jon later; I said that Daddy was checking his email, and he himself was too young for email! I took his bib off, and Jon said that Ayler could actually say words now, which was sorta new. He did say “Aunt” once or twice, then said “HI!” to me and his laughing brother when Jon woke Hiero up. We also played with the bristle blocks / his new favorite Leap Frog toy. (KIDDY TECHNOLOGY WHICH LOOKS LIKE A GAME BOY!) I did manage to put his shoes on, though – it was too hot for socks! Jon also tried telling Ayler that I was “Aunt Ass” – I don’t care if he teaches his kids to swear (however, he IS a pastor…), but that’s not a good message to send to the kids!

We were late to Teacher Wendy’s music class at St. James because we missed one 99 B-Line bus (which Jon would have run to catch before having kids), another B-Line bus was too full for the stroller. Of course Ayler noticed cranes and colorful things on the way over, and Hiero kept pointing at whatever he noticed. (people, other buses on the road, etc.) Ayler showed me his damp shorts (he apparently hates damp things) and his scraped knee. We talked about Ayler saying “baba” to the bus driver while getting the stroller off the bus (which can be reasonably interpreted as “bye-bye”), blueberries, a SERVANTS barbecue tomorrow, Caleb, the Downtown Eastside, checking out the Parthenon grocery store on the way home, Ayler knowing his routine through sign language (toilet / lunch / medicine / sleep), taking the 14 Hastings bus, the RICHMOND NEWS, and the RICHMOND REVIEW shutting down. Also discussed Jon preaching at Phil’s church some time ago, Emily C.’s pregnancy, Chrystal looking good since she’s put on some weight, Ayler screaming, my plans with Steph and Lisa for later this afternoon, Scott Rd. Station, Delta, the Compass Card, macadamia nuts, Ayler hitting me (“be gentle and STOP, please!”), and his cynical friends saying that gluten-free sushi was just marketing. Rice doesn’t need to be advertised like that, man!

When I got off the 99 UBC B-Line at Broadway Station, I told Jon that I was leaving, and waved goodbye to Ayler, who tried keeping me on the bus by attempting to bite me. Too bad for him that I’m still stronger than he is, as I just said that I needed to get off the bus! I got home at 12:40 on a 401, which gave me enough time to catch up on some things and split the day’s events up into separate posts. Steph sent me an email at 2 to request that I get off at 112th since the Tim Horton’s parking lot would give her silver car more space to wait for me – sure, why not? I also talked briefly to Vanessa via Facebook messages about her aunt’s tone and Jason.

Moroccan tofu scramble: scrambled eggs, tofu, and mushrooms!

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