Mike Oleksa is a scamming liar! / Roller Derby position / Jumbo scallops!

Steph emailed me at 8 AM to say that I could come over whenever tomorrow, so that’s good. Upon checking the CRIMINAL MISCHIEF hockey group, I discovered that Mike Oleksa is a fraudulent liar who made up stories about a dead girlfriend and serving in the military! HA HA HA – BUSTED BY A REVERSE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH! I let Cathy, Kenny, and Janina know what had happened via Facebook messages when they asked, of course. Danny also invited me to his wedding ceremony – his fiancée is named ERICO?! Ugh, Honger parents! Obviously, this reminds me of Eric Ho, or Brian Chan’s WIFE being named YANCEY.

Vanessa told me via Facebook messages that Specialty Chicken and Wonton House has been shut down because of bad sanitary conditions – oh man! I also told her that the RICHMOND REVIEW has been shut down after 83 years, too. Before I went out at 4 to do my banking, I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill, then I got home at 4:40 and got Mikki to re-add me to SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND. Yay for Facebook messages!

You Should Be a Pivot

You are a very versatile person, and you do a good job in a variety of roles. You like to lead a team.
In roller derby, you would thrive both as a blocker and a jammer, hence your role of pivot. You are truly special.

You aren’t just determined, you’re strategic. You can see where things are going and know how to adapt accordingly.
People look to you to figure out what to do, and you don’t let them down. You have vision, courage, and energy.

Danny and Erico’s wedding invitation:

Jumbo scallops at Disney!

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